Golden Gate Village Section 106 Projects

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All projects currently undergoing Section 106 review at Golden Gate Village are listed below under the "Current Section 106 Projects" panel. If you wish to receive updates, please sign up for email notifications by subscribing to this webpage.

Background on Section 106 and Golden Gate Village

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) designated the Marin County Community Development Agency as responsible for Section 106 compliance for maintenance and rehabilitation projects proposed at the Golden Gate Village property. Golden Gate Village is located at 101-429 Drake Avenue and 1-99 Cole Drive in Marin City, California. 

All HUD-assisted projects are required to undergo an environmental review to evaluate environmental impacts. Environmental review includes, but is not limited to, historic preservation review under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). With the assistance of the Marin Housing Authority (MHA), the County conducts reviews for Golden Gate Village projects under Section 106 and its implementing regulations at 36 CDF Part 800.

Section 106 Process

The County has prepared two process flow charts to describe the steps that will be taken to notify consulting parties when projects are subject to Section 106 review, and when projects are exempt as maintenance activities:
  Process for Activities Subject to Section 106
  Process for Routine Maintenance Activities (Not Subject to Section 106)

How do I know which projects are subject to Section 106 review?

HUD issued a general maintenance memo that describes the types of projects that are considered routine maintenance and not subject to Section 106 review. For additional guidance, refer to the Character Defining Feature Study.


Exempt Maintenance Projects

* Update: An administrative memo to the file has been added regarding the asphalt repairs, which did not require Section 106 review.

Current Section 106 Projects

If you are a consulting party and wish to comment on any of the projects above, please email Golden Gate Public Comments. The County will respond to comments before a decision is made on a proposed project. Once the Section 106 process has concluded for each project, the County will post a “closing letter” above. 

Archived Section 106 Projects

The projects with an asterisk* have completed the Section 106 review process and have moved forward or will be moving forward in the future. Those without an asterisk did not move forward. If you have questions about the status of these projects, please contact Adrian Chorley at the Marin Housing Authority by email or at (415) 491-2525.