This collection of links contains useful information about prevention services available in the County of Marin.

Child Health Disability Prevention

(CHDP) provides health assessments for children and youth.

Child Lead Poison Prevention

Offers free services to prevent lead poisoning and promote safety at home.

Flu Information

General information on Flu season and Flu prevention.

Flu Shot Information

Flu Vaccine Information

HIPAA Information Online

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HIV Testing and Prevention

Testing services for HIV, HCV, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Suicide Prevention

Helps protect the health and safety of the community's children, adults, and families.

Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco prevention and cessation services.

Wellify Teen

Wellify Teen is dedicated to helping parents of teens struggling with mental health challenges and provide online support through resources including screening, education and where to find help in Marin County.