What is MarinCAN?

MarinCAN is a community-driven campaign to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, prepare for climate change impacts, and meaningfully address and integrate equity. MarinCAN works with Marin County residents, businesses, organizations, agencies, and local governments to design and implement local climate change solutions in 6 Focus Areas:

Our Vision: Marin reverses its impacts on climate change by implementing local solutions as we create a thriving, equitable, and resilient future for all.

Our Mission: Leverage, amplify, and support bold climate solutions in collaboration with the community by building a "hub" for increased coordination among local governments, agencies, organizations, and the public.

Our Values:

  • Prosperity, Health, and Resilience for All
  • Collaborative and Inclusive
  • Foster Innovation and Capacity Building
  • Create Systemic Change
  • Commitment to Equity and Diversity
  • Support and Empower Existing Organizations and Efforts to Address Climate Change

To learn more, watch our launch video, check out our Roadmap to Drawdown slide deck, and review our Document Library.

Equity: Climate change and equity are interconnected. Low-income communities, communities of color, indigenous peoples and tribal nations, and immigrant communities suffer first and worst from climate disasters, yet produce the least GHG emissions. MarinCAN acknowledges these communities have existed and still exist in Marin County and seeks to design and implement solutions with them. This requires internal and external on-going work to normalize, organize, and internalize equity principles and approaches including making the MarinCAN solutions equitable and accessible.

Visit our Equity Document Library, read our Equity Progress Report, and learn more about our efforts to deeply engage communities of color.

News and Updates

MarinCAN participants are working on a variety of projects and initiatives. Read on the the latest updates and learn about ways you can get involved. 

March 2022 Update

  • In 2021, we helped secure over $2 million in funding to support 4 MarinCAN endorsed solutions: Zero Emissions Vehicles, Community Resilience Hubs, Marin Biomass Project, and the Marin Carbon Farming Initiative.
  • We supported over 20 community leaders to become MarinCAN Ambassadors and funded 2 community-led projects that address GHG emissions and are serving frontline communities.
  • MarinCAN appointed its first board of directors in March 2022 and hired consultants to build board capacity and culture and assist with fundraising efforts.

Strategic Plan

We have completed a two-year planning process and worked with over 150 volunteers to identify 29 local climate change solutions. 7 solutions were endorsed by the Executive Steering Committee for immediate implementation.

The Strategic Plan summarizes all 29 solutions, necessary equity work and initiatives, community empowerment and engagement priorities, and governance and funding frameworks and needs for 2021-2030. The Marin County Board of Supervisors received and endorsed the Strategic Plan on December 8, 2020.

Visit our Document Library to read the Strategic Plan.

Act Now

Together we can find and act on solutions now. We have the resources we need to solve climate change, but we need to move quickly. There are many ways to get involved.

  1. Click on the Focus Area icons above to find out what actions you can take to reduce your impact on the environment.
  2. Make a promise to take action. For more information visit: DearTomorrow.org
  3. Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our webpage for project updates, actions you can take, relevant events and news, and more.
  4. Give us feedback on the solutions developed by each Collaborative. The solutions will be posted to our website, a notification will be sent out to subscribers of our webpage, and we’ll post on Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Attend a meeting or event. Visit the Meeting/Events Calendar to learn more.
  6. Help us get the word out about MarinCAN in your communities. Email Julie Chew with ideas.