Imagine a 2030 where:

All Marin County residents are working together to address climate change. Marin farms and ranches are contributing to improved air and water quality. Bicyclists are commuting to work on bike paths under clear blue skies. Close to half of the vehicles on the road no longer cause air pollution. We grow our food locally and feed those who live here with fresh, healthy produce. Thousands of Marin residents shift to clean energy sources and consume less.

This is our vision for a thriving, equitable, and resilient Marin: MarinCAN.

Marin's climate action hub

We're activists, business leaders, policy makers, and residents. We all have a common goal: cut greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) below net zero emissions by 2045. We aim to be the hub of collaboration for bold climate solutions in Marin County. Learn more about our Board of Directors.

Our mission is three-fold

  • Cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Prepare for climate change
  • Meaningfully address and integrate equity in our communities

We strive for

  • Prosperity, health, and resilience for all
  • Collaboration and inclusion
  • Fostering innovation and capacity building
  • Creating systemic change
  • Commitment to equity and diversity
  • Supporting and empowering existing organizations to address climate change

Our Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is the foundation for our work and vision. Learn more about our Strategic Plan and supporting documents.

Our key solutions

Together, we're working to support local climate change solutions in six focus areas:

Act Now

Together we can find and act on solutions now. We have the resources we need to solve climate change, but we need to move quickly. Here are some easy ways to get involved now:

  1. Learn more about the key solutions and what you can do to reduce your impact on the environment.
  2. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Subscribe to our newsletter. We'll keep you informed on project updates, actions you can take, relevant events and news, and more.
  3. Attend a board meeting or event. Visit the Meeting/Events Calendar to learn more.
  4. Share your ideas with us. Give us feedback on the solutions developed by each Collaborative.
  5. Donate to MarinCAN and support our effort in building collaboration among climate organizations, growing public awareness about climate solutions, identifying policy innovations, and securing new climate action funding from state and federal sources. Note: This "donate" link will take you to MarinLink's Donations page. Please include "MarinCAN" in the "Active Project Name" field.
  6. Help us get the word out about MarinCAN in your communities. Email Julie Chew with ideas.