A collection of informative and useful links for Marin County residents on the topic of conservation and energy.
Learn how natural environments function.
A list of groups dedicated to protecting the environment.
Environmental health will give you information, guidelines and requirements on information such as building without a permit, lead contamination, sewage spills on private/public properties, tree removal, the septic systems, medical wastes, and illegal disposals.
Marin County works hard to promote a green living lifestyle with many new programs and initiatives added each year. In this section you will find tips for going green at home, at work or for your business. Our programs can help get you started with a green lifestyle.
This link will give you an overview of the Pesticide Use Enforcement Program, the pest exclusion report for the County of Marin and the Our Water Our World program that has great tips on how to manage home and garden pests using green alternatives.
The recycling section provides links to the waste management division of the County of Marin which is responsible for solid waste collection and diversion , and the coordination of household hazardous waste disposal. Other helpful links contain tips on green living and community programs that are available to help reuse, and recycle.
The Marin County Environmental Health Services division has monitored ocean, bay and freshwater sites in Marin County since 2003. This section gives information on how to prevent water contamination and what to do and who to contact if a contamination occurs.