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Related Housing News: In November 2017, the County published its 2017 Accessory Dwelling Unit Survey Report, conducted to identify and evaluate trends in the physical characteristics, use, and affordability of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in unincorporated Marin County.

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The 2019 Annual Progress Report will be presented to the Board of Supervisors on March 31, 2020 (Board Packet). State housing law requires California cities and counties to submit an annual Housing Element report to the California State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and Office of Planning and Research (OPR) by April 1 of each year. The Annual Progress Report complies with this requirement by providing data on the County's progress on achieving implementation of housing programs as defined in the 2015-2023 Housing Element. The submission of the Annual Progress Report to the Board of Supervisors does not represent an opportunity to consider revisions to the Housing Element.

Housing Element:  The Board-adopted 2015-2023 Housing Element was certified by the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) per their letter dated March 20, 2015. To stay up to date on the latest Housing Element news, sign up for email updates here.