Health and Wellness Services

The Health and Human Services adult services division helps with the coordination and monitoring of services for older adults, mentally or physically disabled adults and seniors. Find resources and information on counseling services, Medicare, Medi-Cal, and long-term care programs offered in Marin.
Links and information about alcohol, drug and tobacco related services in Marin County.
Animal Welfare resources in Marin help the community better care for its animals, adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits etc. through the humane society, animal shelters and others.
This collection of links contains useful information about job assistance and job benefits programs available in the County of Marin.
Find information on a variety of health clinics available to Marin County residents.
The family services section provides general information on services offered by the Division of Public Health Services and the Health and Human Services Department. This section also provides key links to information on the adoption processes and programs in Marin County to help both children and families.
A special place uniting Marin to promote community health and well-being.
A one-stop source of information about the health of our community.
Health and Wellness emergency information for the County of Marin..
View Marin County's Notice of Privacy Practices and find more information on reporting suspected privacy rights (HIPAA) violations.
A listing of health insurance links for Marin County residents.
This collection of links contains useful information about a variety of health services available in the County of Marin.
If you or someone you know is homeless or at risk of homelessness, call 415-473-HOME.
This section provides information on actions that are being taken to evaluate the community's mental health needs and the programs that are available. View the links to learn more about Marin County Community Mental Health Services and mental health providers in Marin County.
The Health and Human Services department helps the Marin County Community with the coordination and monitoring of preventive services.
The division of Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Programs works in conjunction with contractors and the California SIG program to present programs and initiatives to help reduce binge drinking and the use of other drugs and tobacco products. View programs that are available to help assist in fighting an addiction.
The office of Vital Statistics handles birth and death certificates.