Water Quality Management

This collection of links contains useful information about water quality management and services available in the County of Marin.


A page containing information about the organization MCSTOPPP; who they are and what they do.

Annual Reports

A page containing links to the annual reports from the Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (MCSTOPPP).

Community Partnership and Volunteering

Marin County Creeks and Watersheds information.

Illegal Discharge Contacts

A list of local contacts for reporting illegal stormwater discharge violations.

Marin's Stormwater Coordinators

A list of local contacts for stormwater-related questions and/or issues.


Information about stormwater pollution prevention in Marin County including illegal discharge reporting forms.

Ocean and Bay Water Quality Testing Program

Ocean and Bay Water Quality Testing Program

Our Water, Our World

Provides information about less toxic alternatives to protect water quality.

Phase II General Permit Information

Information about the Phase II General Permit.

Rainwater Capture and Management

Information on rainwater capture and management, rain gardens, Low Impact Development, water conservation and more can be found on this page.

Resources for Post-Construction Stormwater Requirements

Information for contractors and other individuals planning construction projects in Marin County.

SRRQ Emergency Response

San Rafael Rock Quarry Emergency Response Work Notice, April 24, 2015

Waste Management

Information about waste management and hazardous waste disposal in Marin County.