Solid Waste Program

Community Development Agency

In November 1992, Environmental Health Services was re-designated as the solid waste Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) for Marin County by the eleven cities and County of Marin and subsequently certified by the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB). Prior to that date, and since 1977, Environmental Health Services was designated as the enforcement agency for solid waste provisions applicable during that period. The current certification enables Environmental Health Services staff to permit, inspect and enforce regulations at solid waste disposal sites, solid waste transformation facilities, transfer and processing stations, and materials recovery facilities.

The purpose of this program is to protect the public health and the environment from the effects of improper storage, collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste including flies, rodents, scenic blight, public nuisance, and water pollution. The goal of this program is accomplished through a program of inspection, permitting, complaint investigation, public education, and assistance to industry.