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The mission of the Affordable Housing Program is to preserve and expand the range and supply of adequate, accessible, and affordable housing through housing policies, regulations and programs. While our Agency does not manage housing units or services directly, we have included a list of resources and links to local services and providers in the ‘where can I find affordable housing’ section of this website.

Where Can I Find Affordable Housing?

Are There Affordable Homes in Marin?

Yes there are. Affordable homes are found in nearly all neighborhoods and come in all sizes. Some examples may be seen in the slideshow.

What is Affordable Housing?

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, housing costs should equal 30% of a household's gross income. For homeowners this includes principal, interest, taxes and insurance and for renters it includes rent and utilities.


Board Work Plan to Preserve Affordability and Prevent Displacement

On February 9, 2016, the Marin County Board of Supervisors directed staff to pursue an 18-month, 3-phase workplan to preserve housing affordability and prevent displacement. Updates on those workplan items are provided below. 

Visit our Housing Element webpage to learn more about other work being done by the Housing and Federal Grants Division.

Affordable Housing Policies

Resources & Publications

  • Marin County Affordable Housing Inventory 2008 - provides a comprehensive picture of income-restricted housing in the 11 cities and towns and the unincorporated area of Marin. The inventory surveyed all affordable housing providers, which together supply 2616 units at nonprofit rental properties, 274 inclusionary rental units, 758 Below Market Rate ownership units, 573 units of public housing and 2269 Section 8 vouchers.

    The study compares the overall Marin housing market with affordable housing, including an overview of Marin's housing stock, household demographics, employment, income, and commute patterns. Data indicate that affordable housing plays a key role in providing homes for low income residents of Marin County.

  • Marin County 10-Year Homeless Plan - is a broad based, creative effort to do new thinking around homelessness and homeless prevention (2006)
  • Miles From Home - the Traffic and Climate Impacts of Marin's Unaffordable Housing (2011)
  • Driving Home Economic Recovery - How workforce housing boosts jobs and revenue in Marin (2011)

Marin County Housing Trust Fund

Marin County Housing Trust Fund

Community Development Block Grants and HOME funding

The Federal Grants Division provides Marin communities with resources to address a wide range of unique community development needs. Federal funds are awarded to non-profits which provide community development activities, anti-poverty programs, and affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households throughout Marin County.