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Housing of 3 units or more are inspected by a Senior Environmental Health Specialist of the Marin County Environmental Health Services Division. If your rental is within the city limits of San Rafael OR Novato please contact their Code Enforcement divisions for assistance. San Rafael Code Enforcement number is (415) 485-3097. Novato's Code Enforcement number is (415) 899-8989.

The housing facilities are routinely inspected once every two years and/or on a complaint basis. The purpose of the Housing Program is to ensure safe and healthful shelter for all residents and visitors by ensuring compliance with the requirements for sanitation, ventilation, maintenance, use and occupancy  for apartment houses, hotels and motels under provisions of the State Health and Safety Code.


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EHS - MHA Online Complaint Submission

EHS - MHA Online Complaint Submission Requirements

  • All complaints submitted to EHS must be at the request of the tenant experiencing the complaint.
  • You will be required to provide your MHA work order number regarding this complaint. If you do not have a work order number, please call MHA to obtain the work order number to associated with this complaint 415-390-2094.
  • Currently EHS is only accepting complaints regarding Major Health and Safety violations. If the complaint type "other maintenance emergencies" is selected EHS’s response will be on a case-by-case basis.

Complaint Submission Form Instructions

  1. Complete the Online Complaint Submission Form (see link below).
  2. Fill out name, address (including apartment number), phone number and email address.
  3. Select preferred contact method.
  4. Select type of complaint(s).
  5. Answer the question: Have you submitted your complaint to MHA? It is required that you submit your complaint to MHA and allow MHA an opportunity to resolve the complaint prior to submitting your complaint with EHS.
  6. If the answer selected is Yes, you have submitted your complaint to MHA, then continue providing the date the complaint was submitted to MHA, work order #, and complaint details.
  7. If the answer selected is No, you have not submitted your complaint to MHA. You will be directed to contact MHA Resident Services by calling 415-390-2094 to obtain your work order # to continue submitting your complaint to EHS.
  8. If available, please download photos pertaining to the violation(s) and/or repairs identified in this complaint by clicking on the box below.

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