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Community Development Agency

Sometimes before you are allowed to begin a construction project or open a new business you will need permission from the Planning Division. The Current Planning section reviews proposals for a variety of planning permits, such as Design Reviews, Variances, Coastal Permits, Use Permits, and Subdivisions. Putting a complete proposal together can be complicated, but we try to make it easier by publishing guides and fact sheets with useful information. For an overview of the planning process, navigate to our Planning Application Guide by following the link below. Links to our various application forms are provided on our applications page. Although the Planning Application Guide contains a discussion of fees and costs, you can link directly to our schedule of fees to find the costs for various planning permits. Also, see our list of fact sheets with more specific information on various topics of interest.


The Planning Application Guide provides an overview of the planning process.

There are a number of different forms used to apply for planning permits and other planning services.

The fee schedule includes all current fees for planning permits and for other planning services.

View samples of typical plans for the subdivision and development of real estate.

We publish a variety of fact sheets that explain specific planning issues.