Green Living

This collection of links contains useful information about green living and services available in the County of Marin.

Bay Model Visitor Center

Located on Richardson Bay in Sausalito is a unique scientific tool for exploring water movement patterns in the San Francisco Bay - Delta Estuary.


The Bay Area Recycling Outreach Coalition (BayROC) is a collaboration representing over 40 San Francisco Bay Area cities, counties and other public agencies working together on waste reduction and buy-recycled concepts which promote personal action and behavior change.

California Product Stewardship Council

CPSC is a network of local governments, non-government organizations, businesses, and individuals supporting policies and projects where producers share in the responsibility for managing problem products at their end of life.

Community Report & Survey Results

Information about the Marin County 2009 Report to the Community. This report provides a brief overview of our efforts to create a more sustainable future.

Community Survey

Information about 2023 Marin County Community Survey, which provides a snapshot of residents' needs, opinions and perspectives using industry-standard survey methods and best practices.

Electrify Marin

Information about Electrify Marin - Natural Gas Appliance Replacement Rebate Program

Energy for Keeps

Our expertise is in energy education with a focus on power generation. Our goal is to help people understand where our electricity comes from and how energy choices affect our lives, our environment, and future generations.

Environmental Action Committee of West Marin

A Marin grass-roots group which for 30 years has worked for the protection of West Marin's environment. We are dedicated to ensuring that human activities are in harmony with the area's irreplaceable wildlife, natural resources and rural character.

Environmental Forum of Marin

Promotes a sustainable world through environmental education.

Estuary and Ocean Science Center

The Estuary & Ocean Science Center (EOS Center) supports scientific study of the sea, enhances public engagement with marine science and develops solutions to the environmental problems confronting coastal communities.

Fire Safe Planting

Incorporating fire safe concepts into the residential landscape design.

Forest Health & Environmental Education

The program provides education and outreach on Sudden Oak Death and coordinates the outreach program of the California Firewood Task Force to limit the spread of invasive forest species via firewood movement.

Foundation for Deep Ecology

Both as philosophy and activism, deep ecology views the survival of natural systems and the capacity of the planet for self-renewal as crucial to all life (human and nonhuman) and not to be compromised.

Friends of Corte Madera Creek Watershed

Friends was founded to protect and enhance the natural ecosystems of the area, especially those relating to urbanized creeks and wetlands.

Gardening Tips and Techniques

Gardens are always changing: plants grow, soils change, leaves fall, and weeds sprout. All plants, whether in your garden or in your home, need consistent maintenance and care.

Geothermal Education Office

Provides free information and materials to increase students' awareness and understanding of geothermal energy.

Greater Farallones Association

The Greater Farallones Association conserves the wildlife and habitats of Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary through scientific research, environmental education, and community-based conservation.

Green House Calls

Green House Calls are available to homeowners as well as renters. There is no income qualification.

Income Eligible Assistance and Loan Programs

Information on energy efficiency and renewable energy financing programs

Induction Cooking

Information about Induction - Natural Gas Stove Replacement Rebate Program

Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT)

Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) is a private, member-supported nonprofit organization created to preserve Marin County farmlands for agricultural use.

Marin Audubon Society.

To conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats, for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

Marin Conservation League

MCL was formed in 1934 to protect Marin's natural assets and its issues committees continue to work to make environmental protection a priority in the public decision-making process.

Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (MCSTOPPP)

MCSTOPPP was formed to prevent stormwater pollution and protect and enhance water quality in creeks and wetlands.

Marin Friendly Garden Walks

Marin Friendly Garden Walks is a partnership between UC Marin Master Gardeners and Marin Municipal Water District to provide homeowners in Marin with information and advice on improving their irrigation practices to help conserve Marin’s precious water resources.

Marin Master Gardeners

A dedicated, trained group of volunteers with a shared love of gardening and horticulture. Through community service and educational outreach, they provide home gardeners and community organizations with knowledge and skills

Marin Open Space Trust

Marin Open Space Trust is a nonprofit raising private funds for preserving Marin’s open space.

Marin Recycling Center

Recycle materials - waste paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, glass bottles.

Marin Resource Conservation District

Provides technical assistance to agricultural landowners on soil erosion and resource conservation.

Marin Solar Program

Information about the Marin Solar Program as well as assistance finding contractors.

Marin Surfrider

A nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of our local waves, water and beaches through conservation, activism, research and education.


Freely "recycle" items that might be of use to others, rather than adding it to our overcrowded landfill.

Master Gardener Program

Master Gardeners help gardeners with knowledge and skills.

Mill Valley StreamKeepers

Strives to protect and improve Mill Valley's watershed, and the plant and animal life within.


Formerly the Headlands Institute, NatureBridge is the largest education partner of the National Park Service (NPS). We are proud to support their mission to preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the NPS for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of this and future generations.

Novato Recycling Center

The Novato Recycling Center is a buy-back location for residential drop-off. We accept California Redemption Value (CRV) containers and non-CRV containers for drop-off.

Our Water, Our World

Provides information about less toxic alternatives to protect water quality.


The Planning Division of the Community Development Agency promotes sustainability by regulating land use and real estate development. We are primarily responsible for writing planning policies and codes, and reviewing applications for various development permits, use permits, and subdivisions in the unincorporated areas of Marin County, California.

Richardson Bay Regional Agency

A Joint Powers Authority formed by the County of Marin and the cities of Sausalito, Tiburon, Mill Valley and Belvedere dedicated to maintaining and improving the navigational waterways, open waters, and shoreline of Richardson Bay.

Strategic Energy Innovations

SEI helps communities identify opportunities and create innovative energy efficiency programs to meet their needs.

Sustainability Learning Resources

Information about the Community Development Agency's sustainable energy programs.

Sustainability Programs For Contractors

Information about the Marin Solar Program as well as assistance finding contractors.

Sustainability Programs For Renters

Information about the Community Development Agency's sustainable energy programs.

Sustainability Programs For Residents

Information about the Community Development Agency's sustainable energy programs.

Sustainability Programs For Residents

Information about the Community Development Agency's sustainable energy programs.

Sustainable Fairfax

Sustainable Fairfax supports the philosophy that we must attend to the needs of the present without sacrificing the ability of future generations and the natural world.

Sustainable Mill Valley

We work with the people of Mill Valley to create a sustainable community, with social, economic and environmental well-being.

Sustainable Novato

Sustainable Novato works for a healthy eco-system, a vibrant local economy and social equity for all who live, work and play in Novato.

Tamalpais Conservation Club

Since 1912, known as Guardian of the Mountain in recognition of its activities to preserve the scenic wilderness of Mt. Tamalpais.

The Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary

The Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary's mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems by inspiring and educating our community, with a focus on youth, and by emphasizing conservation initiatives related to our Sanctuary on Richardson Bay.

The Tomales Bay Watershed Council

Our purpose is to create and help facilitate a management plan to preserve and protect our water and land resources for sustainable uses by agriculture, aquaculture, business, environmental, recreation and residential interests.

UC Cooperative Extension

Science-based solutions for Marin's communities, farms, and environment.

Walker Creek Ranch

An outdoor science school and retreat/conference center in Western Marin owned and operated by the Marin County Office of Education.

Wood Smoke Program

Information on the County of Marin Wood Smoke Rebate Program