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2023/2024 Marin Countywide Electrification Roadmap

Information about the Tounty's electrification roadmap

5 Year Business Plan 2015-2020 - Administrator's Office - County of Marin

A blueprint for how we do business and become a responsive government.

About Marin Agriculture

Information about Marin agriculture.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing preserves and expands the range and supply of adequate, accessible and affordable housing.

Agricultural Institute of Marin

Our mission is to connect and support communities and agriculture through our educational programs and outreach, including operation of 7 farmers markets in the San Francisco Bay area.

Agricultural Resources

Serving both Marin and Sonoma Counties

Agriculture & Natural Resources

From the University of California Cooperative Extension for Marin - includes reports on dairies, livestock and range, and much more.


Agricultural tourism is a commercial enterprise at a working farms


General information on aircraft assessment.

Applications for Boards, Commissions and Committees

General board/commission application form and application forms when specific disclosure requirements must be filed.

Assessment Appeals Board

The Assessment Appeals Board hears appeals from taxpayers on property assessments. This Board is governed by the rules and regulations of the Board of Equalization and Property Tax Laws of the State of California.

Background, Approach, Process, and Timeline

Information about the background and process for the County's proposed electrification roadmap.

Bay Area Publisher Association

An institution that elevates the art of independent author-publishers.


The Bay Area Recycling Outreach Coalition (BayROC) is a collaboration representing over 40 San Francisco Bay Area cities, counties and other public agencies working together on waste reduction and buy-recycled concepts which promote personal action and behavior change.

BayWood Artists

BayWood Artists is a nonprofit organization of landscape painters.

Bel Marin Keys Planning Advisory Board

The Advisory Board reviews referrals of all Planning projects in the Bel Marin Keys planning area for the Planning Department.

Bingo License

The Marin County Clerk issues licenses for Bingo games in unincorporated areas.

Biological Control

Useful links and information on the Biological Control Program in the County of Marin.


General information on boat assessment.

Body Art

Information for those who are practitioners of body art and those who own body art facilities.

Building Electrification FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about electrification in the County of Marin.

Building Inspections

Information about the building inspection process and the way to schedule an inspection.

Building Inventory & Equity Analysis

Information about the County's proposed electrification roadmap.

Building Requirements

Information for people interesting in building or adding on to structures in Marin County.

Business License

How to obtain a business license.

Business License Tax Schedule

County of Marin business license tax schedule information.

Business Name Search - County Clerk - County of Marin

Fictitious Business Name online search application. 

Business Networking Organization

Networking exchange organization.

Business Process Improvement Project

Information about the RFP Business Process improvement program in Marin County.

Business Property

General information on business property and business property tax statments.

Calamity Relief

If a calamity such as natural disastor damages or destroys your property, you may be eligible for property tax relief.

California Native Plant Society - Marin Chapter

Our mission is to increase understanding and appreciation of California's native plants, and to preserve them in their natural habitat through scientific activities, education, and conservation.

California Product Stewardship Council

CPSC is a network of local governments, non-government organizations, businesses, and individuals supporting policies and projects where producers share in the responsibility for managing problem products at their end of life.

CareerPoint North Bay

MEC Business Services - Employer services and resources.

Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership

We create stronger communities through the power of volunteers. We foster excellence in leadership to create more sustainable Bay Area nonprofits. We help nonprofits of every size and mission achieve greater impact. We recruit and place the most qualified leaders for Bay Area nonprofits.

Clem Miller Environmental Education Center

The Clem Miller Environmental Education Center is an 80-bed, green-certified, residential facility located within the 70,000 acre Point Reyes National Seashore and available by reservation to trained educators for use as base camp for their own environmental studies and/or natural history education programs and as the home base for Point Reyes Summer Camp.

Commonweal Gardens/Regenerative Design

Nestled into its own quiet valley, the site features registered organic gardens, multiple grey water systems, production green house, ponds and much more.

Community Engagements and Resources

Information about community engagements and related resources for the County's electrification roadmap.

Community Report & Survey Results

Information about the Marin County 2009 Report to the Community. This report provides a brief overview of our efforts to create a more sustainable future.

Community Survey

Information about 2023 Marin County Community Survey, which provides a snapshot of residents' needs, opinions and perspectives using industry-standard survey methods and best practices.

Corner Records

A directory of scanned images of property surveys done in the County of Marin. The surveys identify the corners of parcels within the county.

Corte Madera

Providing services to the businesses of Corte Madera.

Countywide Oversight Board

Marin Countywide Successor Agency Oversight Board

Credit Card Services

You can pay your child support, medical support and spousal support by credit card.

Crop & Livestock Reports

Complete repository of Marin County's Crop Reports dating back to 1935.

Defensible Space

Information about creating and maintaining defensible space around your home.

Disaster Relief Base Year Value Transfers

Prop. 19 allows homeowners to purchase a replacement home of greater value than their original home.

Eating Locally

A list of resources on eating locally.

Electrification Rebate Programs

Information about the available electrification rebate programs.

Electrification Resources

Information about the Community Development Agency's sustainable energy programs.

Electrification Resources

Information about the County of Marin's sustainable energy programs.

Electrification Resources

Information about the County of Marin's sustainable energy programs.

Electrify Marin

Information about Electrify Marin - Natural Gas Appliance Replacement Rebate Program

Environmental Health Services

The mission of Marin County Environmental Health Services is to protect public health and the well being of all Marin County residents, workers, and visitors by preventing injury and the spread of disease.


Join and develop new personal and professional contacts in Fairfax.

Farmers’ Markets

General information on local Farmers’ Markets, locations and times.

Farmers’ Markets

General information on local Farmers’ Markets, locations and times.

FCZ #1 (Novato)

To review flood control projects as well as the proposed annual budget and findings for the zone and, advise the Board and make recommendations.

FCZ #10 (Inverness)

To review flood control projects as well as the proposed annual budget and findings for the zone and, advise the Board and make recommendations.

FCZ #3 (Richardson Bay)

To review flood control projects as well as the proposed annual budget and findings for the zone and, advise the Board and make recommendations.

FCZ #4 (Bel Aire-Tiburon)

To review flood control projects as well as the proposed annual budget and findings for the zone and, advise the Board and make recommendations.

FCZ #5 (Stinson Beach)

To review flood control projects as well as the proposed annual budget and findings for the zone and, advise the Board and make recommendations.

FCZ #6 (Rafael Meadows)

To review flood control projects as well as the proposed annual budget and findings for the zone and, advise the Board and make recommendations.

FCZ #7 (Santa Venetia)

To review flood control projects as well as the proposed annual budget and findings for the zone and, advise the Board and make recommendations.

FCZ #9 (Corte Madera Creek)

To review flood control projects as well as the proposed annual budget and findings for the zone and, advise the Board and make recommendations.

Federal Grants

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program is a federal program of grants to local governments, administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Fictitious Business Name

Fictitious Business Name (FBN) Information

Find a Contractor

Information about finding the right contractor for your electrification project.

Fish and Wildlife Commission

To advise the Board of Supervisors on matters pertaining to fish and game propagation, habitat, and conservation.

Food Program

Information about the EHS food program.

Gallinas Watershed Council

Gallinas Watershed Council is a diverse group of volunteers committed to using the watershed approach to protect and enhance our environment.

Glassy-winged Sharpshooter (GWSS)

The Glassy-winged Sharpshooter is a serious pest in California and also spreads other diseases to a variety of agricultural crops and ornamental plants.

Golden Gate Business Bureau

The Golden Gate Business Bureau serves the Northern California counties.

Golden Gate Computer Society

Golden Gate Computer Society is a premier microcomputer user group.

Green Building Policy and Program Development

Information about the County's electrification roadmap.

Green Business Program

Information about the Green Business Program which is a voluntary partnership among business leaders, government agencies and non-profit organizations in Marin County.

Green Business Resources

Resources for businesses wishing to become a Green Business.

Grown in Marin

Grown in Marin is a comprehensive resource for Marin agriculture

Gypsy Moth

One of the most destructive pests of hardwood forests and shade trees in the United States.

Hazardous & Solid Waste Mgmt. JPA Local Task Force

The Local Task Force serves as an advisory board to the Marin County Hazardous and Solid Waste Management Joint Powers Authority.

Health and Human Services Bids

Health and Human Services purchasing bids information.

Horticulture Advisor

Environmental Horticulture Advisor for Marin and Sonoma counties

Income Eligible Assistance and Loan Programs

Information on energy efficiency and renewable energy financing programs

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM combines biological, cultural, mechanical, physical and/or chemical tools and other management practices to control pests in a safe, cost effective and environmentally sound manner that contributes to the protection of public health.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Commission

Oversee implementation of the Marin County Integrated Pest Management policy, advise and make recommendations to the IPM Coordinator and Board of Supervisors as needed.

Investment Pool Rating

Special reports and general information on the investment pool rating for Marin County.

Kentfield Planning Adv. Board

To review referrals of planning projects for the Planning Department including master plans, subdivisions, design reviews, rezoning applications, general plan amendments, and environmental reviews.


Unites businesses, local leaders and concerned citizens of Larkspur.

Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM)

Information on the Light Brown Apple Moth.

Livestock Protection

Recognizes non-lethal control methods such as protection animals (guardian dogs, llamas), electric fencing, scare devices and herd shepherding through a cost share funds.

Local Zero Waste Resources, Tips and Ideas

Information about waste management and hazardous waste disposal in Marin County.

Low-Carbon Concrete Requirements

Overview of County of Marin requirements to reduce carbon emissions in concrete

Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT)

Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) is a private, member-supported nonprofit organization created to preserve Marin County farmlands for agricultural use.

Marin Amateur Radio Society

Our nonprofit service organization (affiliated with Marin County OES) is dedicated to the practice of and training for event monitoring and emergency communications, offering classes and FCC license testing.

Marin Association of Realtors

We have a lot of useful information about real estate in Marin.

Marin Builders Association

Member owned/operated for the mutual benefit of its construction industry.

Marin Center Facilities Rental

Information containing rental rates, fee schedules, and rules and regulations as well as booking and box office services information.

Marin Convention & Visitors Bureau

The official travel resource for Marin County.

Marin County Bar Association

With roots dating to 1934, the Bar Association involves, encourages and supports members, serves as a liaison to the Marin County courts, educates the community, and enhances access to legal services.

Marin County Legal Professionals Association

A nonprofit offering knowledge, scholarships and camaraderie. Open to all people employed in law offices, the courts, and other businesses of a legal nature in Marin.

Marin Economic Forum

A public-private partnership that works to enhance Marin County's economic vitality.

Marin Emergency Radio Authority

MERA is a collection of public agencies formed in partnership to provide and operate a public safety radio system.

Marin Farms

Learn about what Marin farmers are growing.

Marin Fire Chiefs Association

Dedicated to promoting progressive leadership and legislation.

Marin Open Garden Project

Marin Open Garden Project coordinates a weekly exchange of backyard garden bounty in several locations in Marin County.

Marin Organic Certified Agriculture (MOCA)

Useful information about the Marin Organic Certified Organic Agriculture program that serves the local agricultural community who are promoting sustainable farming practices.

Marin Professionals

Networking and support for professionals who are in a career transition.

Marin Retirement Association

Retirement seminars cover topics about retirement.

Marin Solar Program

Information about the Marin Solar Program as well as assistance finding contractors.

Marin/Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District

The District is responsible for the prevention, elimination or control of mosquitoes and other arthropods known to be potential carriers of infectious diseases.

Mill Valley

A dedicated business organization committed to supporting its members.


National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals.

National Women's Political Caucus

Our mission is to increase women's participation in the political process.

North Bay Leadership Council

A non-profit coalition of employers who promote sound public policy.

Notary Public

Information about being a notary public in Marin County.


An organization of the business creating a unique network.

Novato Business Association

DNBA is a non-profit, member based organization formed in 1999.

Novato Recycling Center

The Novato Recycling Center is a buy-back location for residential drop-off. We accept California Redemption Value (CRV) containers and non-CRV containers for drop-off.

Ocean Conservation Research

Ocean Conservation Research promotes and supports marine biological and technological research based on conservation priorities. We are initially focused on understanding the scope of, and exploring solutions to the growing problem of human generated noise pollution and its impact on marine animals.

Office of Economic Development

State business support and resources.

Our Water, Our World

Provides information about less toxic alternatives to protect water quality.

Parcel Combination Requests

Parcel Combinations result in a single annual property tax bill.

Parent / Child Exclusion

Parent/Child Exclusion (Proposition 19)

Permit Your Green Building and Appliance Electrification Project

Information about permitting your green building and/or appliance electrification project.

Permits and Fees

Information about building permits and fees in Marin County.

Pest Detection

This is a proactive program to detect pests before they become established.

Pest Exclusion

This Pest Exclusion program provides protection to Marin County by helping to prevent unwanted pests from entering and becoming established within the county.

Pest Management

The Pest Management program protects our local agriculture and the environment.

Pesticide Free Zone, Inc.

A public awareness campaign seeking to change the way people view pesticides because pesticides are more dangerous than second-hand smoke.

Pests and Other Problems

Learn about garden pests and problems and how to avoid and treat them.


The Planning Division of the Community Development Agency promotes sustainability by regulating land use and real estate development. We are primarily responsible for writing planning policies and codes, and reviewing applications for various development permits, use permits, and subdivisions in the unincorporated areas of Marin County, California.

Plastic Bag Ordinance

Specific information regarding the ordinance rationale, types of businesses affected, and the types of bags that are "allowable".

Point Blue Conservation Science

Our mission is to conserve birds and the environment using science to understand and find solutions to problems threatening wildlife populations and ecosystems.

Point Reyes National Seashore Association

Works in partnership with the National Park Service to preserve, interpret, and enhance the park's cultural, natural, and recreational resources.

Probate Court

Probate Court general information and contact numbers.

Probate Information

Find answers to all your probate questions.

Probate Tentative Rulings

Information on probate sales tentative rulings. 

Probation Career Opportunities

Job opportunities and minimum qualification for Probation careers can be found here.

Process Server

Licenses & Certificates – Process Server Registration

Professional Photocopier

Licenses & Certificates - Professional Photocopier Registration

Project Coyote

Project Coyote promotes educated coexistence between people and coyotes by championing progressive management policies that reduce human-coyote conflict, supporting innovative scientific research, and by fostering respect for and understanding of America's native wild "song dog."

Property Tax Rate Books

County of Marin Property Tax Rate Book reports.

Proposed Roadmap (Under Development)

Information about the County's proposed electrification roadmap.

Pt. San Pedro Road Coalition

Coalition of homeowners associations and residents along Pt. San Pedro Road in east San Rafael

Public Administrator Information

Public Administrator Brochure


Agriculture and Natural Resources Publications for Marin.

Real Estate Appraisers

Professional association for real estate appraisers and affiliates.

Real Property

Information about all types of taxable residential property, from real estate to boats and aircraft.



Sale of Personal Property at Private Sale

Information on the sale of real and personal property private sale.

Sale of Real Property at Private Sale

Information on the sale of real and personal property private sale.

San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce

...a small town, a real community, a safe and quiet place.

San Rafael Business District

It's our job to increase business for all merchants in the downtown area.

San Rafael Chamber of Commerce

Local information about shopping, dining, events, government and more.


Promotes the economic health and well-being of Sausalito business.

Sausalito Nursery School

The school's philosophy is that children learn through play. Appropriate toys, tools and materials are used to stimulate intellectual growth and develop motor skills while emphasizing how much fun these activities are.

School to Career Partnership

Brings together businesses and students for internships.

Search Assessor Records & Maps

An application that allows you to search for property records in the Assessor's database.

Search Recorder's Official Records

An application to allow you to search for a document in the Recorder's official records.

Slide Ranch

A non-profit agricultural and environmental education center in a small-farm, coastal wilderness setting.


North Bay Software and Information Technology Association.

Stinson Beach

This organization supports Stinson Beach and Marin Businesses.

Stinson/Bolinas Community Fund

Local funding source for Stinson Beach and Bolinas communities.

Strategic Plan 2001 - Administrator's Office - County of Marin

A blueprint for excellence in Public Service.

Strawberry Design Review Bd.

To review and comment on discretionary land use/zoning applications and community plan amendments within the Strawberry Planning Area that are referred to the SDRB by the Community Development Agency.

Sunrise Center

We offer classes, workshops and events that aid in building our skills to have sustainable relationships while living a sustainable life.

Sustainability Programs For Businesses

Information about the Community Development Agency's sustainable energy programs.

Sustainability Programs For Contractors

Information about the Marin Solar Program as well as assistance finding contractors.

Tam Design Review Board

To review and comment on discretionary land use and zoning applications and community plan amendments within the Tamalpais Planning Area.

Tax Payment Online

The Marin County Tax Collector offers online payment options.

Tax-Saving Programs: Exemptions

Information on different types of tax exemptions available to property and business owners.

The Salmon Protection And Watershed Network (SPAWN)

The Salmon Protection And Watershed Network (SPAWN) works to protect threatened coho salmon and steelhead and the environment on which we all depend. We use a multi-faceted approach including grassroots action, habitat restoration, policy development, environmental education, media campaigns and litigation.

Tiburon Peninsula

Serving the Tiburon Peninsula communities of Tiburon, Angel Island and Belvedere.

Transient Occupancy Tax

Marin County Transient Occupancy Tax code information.

Transition Mill Valley

Preparing our community's ability to address the challenges of peak oil & energy price shocks, climate instability, and creating a resilient local economy in Southern Marin.

U.S. Small Business Administration

Starting and managing a business with local information and services.

UC Cooperative Extension

Science-based solutions for Marin's communities, farms, and environment.

UC Davis Website

Science-based solutions for Marin's communities, farms, and environment


Statewide integrated pest management information.

University of California Cooperative

Science based solutions for communities, farms and environment.

West Marin Chamber of Commerce

Serving business and community of West Marin.

Women's Earth and Climate Action Network

The Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) International is a solutions-based organization established to engage women worldwide in policy advocacy, on-the-ground projects, direct action, trainings, and movement building for global climate justice.

Workforce Development & Job Training Services

The Workforce Alliance of the North Bay provides funding and oversight to a network of CareerPoint centers that provide services to career seekers and businesses as mandated in the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act.

Working Solutions

Provide microloans/small business loans and long term business advising.