Find a Contractor

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Find a Contractor

When planning your home electrification project(s), finding the right contractor is an important step in the process. You should consider:

  • Getting three estimates
  • Asking for estimates to include equipment and labor cost information
  • Choosing contractor that are familiar with heat pumps for space heating/cooling and heat pump water heaters


Homeowners Resources for Hiring a Contractor

Rebate Program Directories

Some rebate programs in California and the Bay Area require contractors to enroll in order to provide rebates to their customers. You can find contractors that participate in rebate programs at the following directories. Make sure to ask your contractor about available rebates and what you may be eligible for.
  • The Switch is On - Find participating contractors for statewide and Bay Area programs.
  • BayREN Home+ - Find participating contractors for the BayREN Home+ program.

Additional Rebate and Incentive Programs

Visit the Rebate Programs page for more information on all funding programs.