Electrification Rebate Programs

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Electrification Rebate Programs

Rebates and tax credits can help pay for electrification home improvements. Each rebate program has different requirements. Some of these are:

  • Home location
  • Existing equipment (for replacement projects)
  • Existing home fuel type (propane or methane)
  • New equipment type and efficiency ratings
  • Resident income
  • And more

Rebate programs can end without warning when they run out of money. Ask your contractor if they are participating in any rebate programs or know of any programs you may qualify for. You can also contact our office for rebate program advice.


Incentive Finder Tools

The Switch is On helps you find local rebates based on zip code and project type.

Rewiring America explains tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).


Electrify Marin

Electrify Marin provides rebates direct to Marin homeowners. Visit the Electrify Marin Rebate Program page for more information.