Business Process Improvement Project

Matthew H. Hymel, County Administrator

In recent years, Marin County has undergone organizational and leadership change, specifically in the departments responsible for providing the County's Administrative Services. With the passage of Measure B in 2008, Marin County consolidated the previously elected offices of Auditor-Controller and Treasurer-Tax Collector and placed those functions under the direction of a Director of Finance, appointed by the Board of Supervisors. In 2010, the County hired a new Director of Human Resources. Measure B also provided for the formation of Administrative Services, led by the County Administrator and composed of the Departments of Finance, Human Resources, and Information Services and Technology. With these departments working together across departmental lines, Marin County is taking the next step in a program of continual improvement in the management of County resources.

Project Background

The County's first step and current priority in moving the organization forward is to evaluate and redesign the Administrative Services business functions identified as Phase 1 below. Phase 1 is a business project (not a technology project), and it is a necessary effort regardless of any systems decision. The subsequent project phases will culminate in a new software system to support Administrative Services for the County of Marin. The overall project encompasses the following five phases:

  • Phase 1: "As-Is" Business Process & Operations Improvement
  • Phase 2: Business Requirements Gathering
  • Phase 3: System Procurement
  • Phase 4: "To-Be" / Business Process Redesign / Systems Implementation
  • Phase 5: Change Management (Ongoing across all phases)

The goal of Phase 1 of this project, then, is twofold:

  1. Documentation of the County's existing "As-Is" business processes
  2. Operational improvements, including:
    1. Findings and recommendations for change that should be made before beginning Phase 2
    2. A plan for implementing the recommended changes

The vendor who performs the work for Phase 1 is not precluded from bidding on subsequent phases.

Notice of Intent to Award

We are currently in negotiations with our selected vendor and anticipate taking a contract to the Board of Supervisors for approval in January, 2012.

Relevant Documents (check back for updates and additions):
County of Marin Operations Request for Proposal
Request for Proposal Addendum One
Pre-Proposal Conference Agenda
Pre-Proposal Conference Presentation

Vendor Q&A and relevant documents:
County Response to Questions**Updated September 28, 2011
ATOM Business Case
ATOM Charter
County Gap Analysis
Product Assessment of Marin County's SAP ERP System
Pre-Proposal Conference Attendee Sign-In

Contact Information:

ATOM Project 
c/o County Administrator's Office
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 325
San Rafael, CA 94903
Phone (415) 473-2954