Pest Detection

Stefan P. Parnay, Agriculture, Weights and Measures - Marin County

This is a proactive program to detect pests before they become established. The cost to detect pests is usually very low compared to the cost of attempting to eradicate them if they become established (often ten times the cost!). Traps are monitored throughout the county for the presence of exotic pests of agriculture, such as Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Oriental Fruit Fly, Melon Fruit Fly, Spongy Moth, and Japanese Beetle. These insect pests have an enormous host range and are difficult and costly to manage once established. Through early detection, this program not only protects agriculture, but the environment because it limits the need for pesticide applications. Marin County has a year round survey program to detect uncommon plant diseases, insects, animals, and weeds that may be detrimental to agriculture, ornamental plantings and native flora and fauna. We also place and inspect traps for the Glassy-winged Sharpshooter to protect our agricultural industry, community, and environment.

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