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Matthew H. Hymel, County Administrator
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What is a Community Survey?

Every few years we conduct a survey of Marin County households to measure satisfaction and use of services. The surveys also help the Board of Supervisors determine the most important priorities. 

We rely on these surveys to help us:  

  • Evaluate services 
  • Understand resident needs 
  • Plan for the future

The community survey asks questions about general quality of life, local policies, demographics, and rating of government services. It helps us compare (or "benchmark") Marin’s results to other counties and communities nationwide. Most survey questions are the same as those asked of all other communities to help with benchmarking.

In addition, the survey helps us assess whether the Marin County Board of Supervisors’ priorities are consistent with those of the people it serves. Custom questions specific to Marin were added to gauge these priorities. The current priorities include emergency preparedness, affordable housing, equity in County programs and policies, climate change, and investing in County infrastructure. Community members can provide perspectives about the Board of Supervisors’ current and potential priorities to help inform future plans.

How can you participate?

There are two ways to participate in the 2023 Marin County Community Survey:

  • Scientific Survey: 4,500 Marin households have been randomly selected to participate in the scientific survey. The random selection ensures a scientifically valid result. Prenotification postcards in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese were mailed on April 18 to the 4,500 households letting them know they have been selected to participate in the survey. The surveys were mailed on week later. Recipients have the option to return surveys in a postage-paid envelope or to complete an online version in English, Spanish, or Vietnamese.
  • Open Survey: Everyone else living in Marin who was not selected for the scientific survey can complete the same English, Spanish, or Vietnamese survey online beginning May 19. The County is working with multiple community partners to reach out and ensure every voice can be heard. Anyone who does not have access to a computer or internet may visit any Marin County Free Library location for help completing the survey.  The survey is completely anonymous, so you can freely give your opinion.


Universal Accessibility Logos

Requests for disability accommodations may be made by phoning 415-473-2763 (Voice), CA Relay 711 or by e-mail at Copies of documents are available in alternative formats, upon request. 

Survey Results

Survey results should be available in July 2023. The results will be used to compare ourselves to our pre-COVID survey results, other local governments over time, and to help us understand what we’re doing well and where we may need to focus more in the next five years.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing mailed surveys and online surveys?

The survey issued via U.S. mail is a scientific survey with recipients selected at random to ensure a scientifically valid result. The same survey is available to anyone else interested in voluntarily participating in the survey to ensure their thoughts are considered. The data results will be separated from the scientifically valid survey data, but all results will be analyzed and researched anonymously.

How will you assure that you’re surveying a cross-section of the community?

Polco’s National Research Center, which is conducting the survey, uses all best practice methods in survey research, including over sampling multifamily units to decrease non-response bias, using a multi-contact method to improve response rates, and statistical weighting of the survey data. The five-page survey sent to 4,500 Marin households will have an approximate margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.

Why should I participate in the survey? What is the value of the survey? We are committed to engaging our community. By taking time to complete the survey, you will help the County to set priorities that inform decisions that could affect everyone. The County’s decision makers, including the Board of Supervisors and the leaders who run our 22 departments, will review the results and use them as a guide for creating plans to improve services and ensure they are provided where they are needed the most.

How long will it take to fill out?

Approximately 20 minutes.

If I participate in the mailed survey, how long will I have to send it back?

Your completed mailed survey needs to be received by June 6. The online survey opens for all individuals living in Marin County not randomly selected for the scientific survey will also be open through June 6. 

When will we find out the survey results?

The survey results will be available to the public in late summer 2023.

If we respond, will you have our private info and use that later on?

No, survey responses are completely anonymous, and the data will not be used for other purposes unless you choose to complete the online survey and register for updates or future surveys.

I doubt that you are interested in my opinion, since I rarely leave my home. Should I really complete the survey?

Yes, we are here to serve all individuals and it is important to us that we get feedback from a complete cross-section of our community members.

Why is “Hispanic” separate from “Race”?

We want to compare the demographic profile of those responding to the demographic profile of Marin as presented by the U.S. Census Bureau. To be able to do this, we asked our race and ethnicity question the same way the census does. The census designates Hispanic as an ethnicity, not a race.

Why did you select Polco’s National Research Center to do the survey?

National Research Center was selected in 2018. Selecting the same vendor provides benchmark data that allows us to compare results with the 2019 survey, as well as to compare ourselves to other communities nationwide. National Research Center does this in affiliation with the International City/County Management Association. 

How accurate will the survey be?

The survey will have a confidence interval of 95 percent and an approximate margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.

How will you assure that the online responses come from local people?

National Research Center geocodes the sample to ensure that all addresses are within the limits of Marin County for the five-page survey to 4,500 households.

How much is the County spending on this?

The County has contracted with the National Research Center to conduct the comprehensive, scientific survey. It will be paid $43,000 for this service. That figure is in line with what we’ve paid for other resident surveys over the past 15 years.

Did your previous surveys result in tangible changes in County policy or services?

Yes. The most recent resident survey was conducted in 2018. One area of clear feedback was the county’s need for additional wildfire prevention activities. Building upon what we learned from respondents about the public’s high interest in emergency and wildfire preparedness, the Board brought forward Measure C to voters in March 2020, a special tax charged to all parcels of real property located in Marin County, to fund the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority, a multi-jurisdictional agency focused on preventing and mitigating wildfires throughout Marin.

Promotional Toolkit


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Timeline: Post any time before June 8. 

Post Idea #1: 

Your Voice Matters! The Marin County Community Survey is now available online and open to everyone – if you’ve wanted to speak your mind now is the time to visit to make a difference. If you received a survey in the mail, be sure to mail it back to us soon or use your unique URL online. 

Your participation in the 2019 Marin Community Survey initiated the expansion and development of many new Marin County programs. Be sure to complete the 2023 survey today.

The survey is anonymous and must be received on or before June 9. For more information, visit 

¡Su voz importa! La encuesta de la comunidad del condado de Marin ya está disponible en línea y abierta para todos. Si quiere decir lo que piensa, ahora es el momento de visitarnos para marcar la diferencia. Si recibió una encuesta por correo, asegúrese de enviárnosla pronto o use su URL particular en línea. 

Su participación en la encuesta de la comunidad de Marin de 2019 dio inicio a la expansión y al desarrollo de muchos programas nuevos del condado de Marin. Complete hoy mismo la encuesta de 2023.

La encuesta es anónima y debemos recibirla antes del 9 de junio. Para obtener más información, visite 

Ý Kiến Của Quý Vị Rất Quan Trọng! Khảo Sát Cộng Đồng Quận Marin hiện có sẵn trực tuyến cho tất cả mọi người – nếu Quý vị muốn đóng góp ý kiến, hãy truy cập để tạo ra sự khác biệt. Nếu Quý vị nhận được khảo sát qua đường bưu điện, hãy gửi lại khảo sát cho chúng tôi sớm hoặc sử dụng URL trực tuyến duy nhất của Quý vị. 

Sự tham gia của Quý vị trong Khảo Sát Cộng Đồng Marin năm 2019 đã khởi xướng việc mở rộng và phát triển nhiều chương trình mới của Quận Marin. Đừng quên hoàn thành khảo sát năm 2023 ngay hôm nay.

Khảo sát này là ẩn danh và phải được nhận vào hoặc trước ngày 9 tháng 6. Để biết thêm thông tin, vui lòng truy cập 


Post Idea #2 

Your Voice Matters! Be sure to participate in the Marin County Community Survey on or before June 9. The survey is open to everyone online at If you received a survey in the mail, be sure to use your unique URL online or mail it soon.

The survey is anonymous. For more information, visit 

¡Su voz importa! Participe en la encuesta de la comunidad del condado de Marin antes del 9 de junio. La encuesta está disponible en línea para todos en Si recibió una encuesta por correo, asegúrese de usar su URL particular en línea o envíela pronto por correo.

La encuesta es anónima. Para obtener más información, visite 

Ý Kiến Của Quý Vị Rất Quan Trọng! Hãy nhớ tham gia Khảo Sát Cộng Đồng Quận Marin vào hoặc trước ngày 9 tháng 6. Khảo sát mở trực tuyến cho tất cả mọi người tại địa chỉ Nếu Quý vị nhận được khảo sát qua đường bưu điện, hãy nhớ sử dụng URL duy nhất của Quý vị hoặc gửi lại khảo sát sớm qua đường bưu điện.

Khảo sát này là ẩn danh. Để biết thêm thông tin, vui lòng truy cập 



Your Voice Matters! Take the County Community Survey 

What would you tell local government if you had its attention? What would you say if you knew you your feedback would be anonymous? The 2023 Marin County Community Survey is on the way.  

The County conducts such a survey every few years to get an accurate report card from the community, to measure the quality of customer service, and to compare results to those from other counties nationwide. Some 4,500 surveys were mailed to a cross-section of Marin households recently to solicit responses from a wide audience with diverse backgrounds.   

The survey is open to all participants online now through June 9. Anyone in Marin – whether living in a town, a city, or an unincorporated area – may participate, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. All survey results will be shared with the public and the Board of Supervisors later this year. Learn more at

Prior Community Survey Data

Marin County and the National Research Center conducted the most recent survey in Fall 2018. Households participated in either a random or open survey. Both surveys were offered in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. For the random sample survey, 695 of 3,500 people selected to receive the survey responded. An additional 3,068 residents completed the open survey.

Prior to 2010 the County used random telephone surveys to poll county residents. Since then, many homeowners have disconnected their landlines, making random telephone sampling more difficult. Because of this trend, the County has moved to mailed surveys for random sample surveying. Mailed surveys have a higher confidence rate, eliminating potential interviewer bias and allowing the respondent to fill out the survey at their convenience.  In addition, National Research Center’s National Community Survey provides Marin County the opportunity to benchmark its data to other communities nationwide.