San Geronimo Valley Community Standards

Community Development Agency

We apply unique rules for improving property in San Geronimo Valley, especially along streams.    

These rules are the San Geronimo Valley Community Standards. They apply to properties located in the San Geronimo Valley zoned with the “SGV” combining zoning district. There are also specific rules for properties with Stream Conservation Areas (SCA) in the San Geronimo Valley.

Use the Zoning Look Up Tool to find your property’s zoning district. The rules apply if your property's zoning includes "SGV".

What is a Stream Conservation Area (SCA)?

The SCA in the San Geronimo Valley is a 100-foot buffer along any stream, intended to:

  • Protect water quality
  • Control erosion
  • Conserve fish and wildlife habitat
  • Provide flood control 
The buffer limits allowable uses and activities within two areas: 
  • the first 35 feet of a stream, and 
  • from 35 feet to 100 feet of a stream

Other rules still apply to properties in the SGV combing district even if they are outside of the SCA.  The San Geronimo Valley Community Standards are now in Marin County Code Section 22.30.045.


Are special permits or studies required?

You may need Site Plan Review approval from the Planning Division to make changes to your property in the SGV-combining district, including work in the SCA.

Site Plan Review applications must include a Biological Site Assessment and the project must incorporate Standard Management Practices for stream protection.


We have resources to help you understand the SCA and help you plan your project:

Get rules in one place using the Stream Conservation Area for San Geronimo Fact Sheet.
Learn about the Standard Management Practices that apply to all projects in the SCA.
Learn more about the SCA with the Landowner Resource Guide.
Learn about Site Assessment requirements and how to prepare one.
Attend the Marin County Project Coordination Meetings to get free creek permitting advice.
Use to see various data layers, including the locations of streams. 
 Find Marin’s common riparian plants in this guide, and review the list of native species to the San Geronimo Valley.
Review conceptual plans for planting, erosion control, and stormwater retention ideas.