Pest Exclusion

Stefan P. Parnay, Agriculture, Weights and Measures - Marin County

This Pest Exclusion program provides protection to Marin County by helping to prevent unwanted pests (i.e., insects, diseases, weeds, animals, etc.) from entering and becoming established within the county. There are hundreds of different types of pest quarantines currently in effect to prevent the introduction of pests that are not known to exist or are of very limited distribution in the county and/or California. We inspect plant material at the Post Office, United Parcel Service centers (UPS), Federal Express centers, and the bus depot. Pest inspections are also performed on shipments sent to nurseries, landscape planting sites, and parks. To facilitate the shipment of agricultural products out of Marin County, phytosanitary certificates are issued for agricultural commodities. In other words, we inspect these shipments for pests and diseases to ensure plant quarantine requirements of the receiving county, state, or country are met.

CDFA Plant Health & Pest Prevention Services-Pest Exclusion

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