Proposed Roadmap (Under Development)

Community Development Agency

Proposed Roadmap

Our roadmap is a plan for the community to transition to an all-electric future. It contains suggestions for actions or strategies, but it is not mandatory.

We will develop the roadmap based on the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and Emerald City’s Equitable Home Electrification Framework. We will also draw from lessons learned from other local and state governments.

Our community will decide the key components of the roadmap and the recommended actions that cities and towns across Marin can take to transition to an all-electric future.

The roadmap will progress through the following milestones:

  1. Engage: Conduct community stakeholder engagement upfront
  2. Measure: Complete a building (stock) inventory and equity analysis
  3. Develop: Propose key components and time-bound policy and program solutions (aka Actions or Strategies)
  4. Iterate: Incorporate solutions into and prepare drafts of the roadmap for community feedback
  5. Recommend: Incorporate community feedback, finalize roadmap and next steps jurisdictions can take to transition to all-electric buildings


Stakeholder Engagement

See the Community Engagements and Resources page for all upcoming and previous community meetings.


Building Inventory and Equity Analysis

Under Development. See the Building Inventory and Equity Analysis page for the latest reports.


Community Proposed Key Components and Solutions

Under Development


Draft Roadmap

Under Development (Reserved for future iterations of the roadmap)


Final Roadmap

Under Development (Reserved for final roadmap)