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The SmartLights program is designed to help small businesses upgrade their buildings to be more energy-efficient. The program offers no-cost start to finish technical assistance and cash rebates to help defray the cost of installing energy-efficient lighting, limited refrigeration products and HVAC measures. Call (510) 981-7750 or visit our Energy Watch Partnership page or the SmartLights program webpage for more information to to request a no-cost, no-obligation energy evaluation.

Watch these Marin business owners talk about their projects in the videos below:

Energy Efficiency Project Financing

PG&E 0% Interest Loan

PG&E is offering 0% interest loans for qualifying energy efficiency projects. Loan terms and monthly payment amounts are determined based on your estimated monthly savings from the new products. Business customers may qualify for loans between $5,000 and $100,000, with loan periods of up to five years. Visit their website for more information.

MCE Green Business Loan Program

MCE offers an on-bill-replayment financing program that eliminates the up-front costs of energy efficiency upgrades. The loan is financed through River City Bank and is repaid directly on your monthly utility bill. Visit their website or call (415) 464-6033 for more information.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

PACE financing allows property owners (residential or commercial) to secure upfront financing for energy efficiency, water efficiency, renewable energy, and siesmic building improvements which are repaid through a special line item on the property taxes. The loan is tied to the property, not the individual or business, so credit score is not factored in and the loan is not considered personal debt. The loan also stays with the property, not the individual, so if a property owner decided to move before the loan term ends, they are not responsible for the remaining amount due on the loan. Visit our Financing page to learn more and see which Pace Provider companies are offered in your jurisdiction.

Green Business Program

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The Green Business Program is a voluntary partnership among business leaders, government agencies and non-profits organizations. We recognize and promote businesses that demonstrate continuous compliance with applicable environmental regulations, conserve energy, water, and other materials, implement sound environmental practices that prevent pollution and waste generation, and share environmentally responsible practices with other businesses in our community. Visit our Green Business Program page to learn more.