Defensible Space

Jason Weber, Chief, Fire Department
An example of defensible space along a driveway.

In January 2005 California revised the state law that requires homeowners to create a firebreak, known as "Defensible Space" around their homes. Sections 4290 and 4291 of the California Public Resources Code are the laws that require property owners in California to establish "Defensible Space." The law now requires property owners to extend Defensible Space clearance around homes and structures from 30 feet to 100 feet.

Wildfires move extremely fast and proper clearance to 100 feet will dramatically increase the chance of your house surviving a wildfire. This defensible space also provides and important area for firefighter safety when protecting homes during a wildland fire.

We have put together downloadable informational flyer that will help you plan your defensible space. Also see our informational page Importance of Defensible Space. If you would like more information or have any questions about defensible space and our defensible space program, please contact the Defensible Space Coordinator to schedule a free site visit.