Investment Pool Rating

Mina Martinovich, Department of Finance

The Marin County Investment Pool is a local government money fund that ranges upwards to $800 million in assets on an annual basis. It was created by the County Board of Supervisors to invest the assets of the County and other public agencies located within the County. The Pool has received the highest rating, AAA/V1, from Fitch, a nationally recognized, independent credit rating agency. The AAA rating indicates extremely strong protection against credit losses associated with the Pool’s investments.  The V1 rating indicates that the Pool possesses low sensitivity to changing market conditions due to its low risk profile and conservative investment policies.

The Pool is comprised of monies deposited by mandatory and voluntary participants. Mandatory participants include the County of Marin, K-12 school districts, community college districts and special districts. Voluntary participants are those agencies that are not required to invest their monies in the County Pool and do so only as an investment option. Voluntary participants include cities and various special districts. The Treasurer encourages voluntary participants to use the Pool as a long-term investment vehicle.

The primary objectives of the Investment Pool are to preserve capital, meet liquidity needs of Pool participants and achieve an investment return within the guidelines of the Statement of Investment Policy.

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