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The C-SMART project team gathered information from technical advisors, utility managers, and coastal residents about potential sea level rise impacts. The resulting Marin Ocean Coast Vulnerability Assessment summarizes the expected timing and extent of impacts, laying a foundation of knowledge to guide adaptation planning. CDA staff presented the assessment to the Planning Commission on November 9  and to the Board of Supervisors on November 17. Thank you to everyone who submitted public comments . We are currently processing them and making improvements to the Vulnerability Assessment.
Marin Ocean Coast Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment Public Review Draft (October 2015):
•    Draft Executive Summary and Introduction
•    Draft Asset Profiles
•    Draft Community Profiles
•    Draft Conclusion and Appendices
•    Draft Vulnerability Assessment Maps
Building on information gathered through the Vulnerability Assessment and public outreach efforts, the project team is currently drafting an Adaptation Report and Local Coastal Program Amendments.
Game of Floods was developed as a public education activity on sea level rise adaptation, including traditional flood protection measures such as levees and seawalls; green infrastructure approaches including horizontal levees, wetland restoration, and beach nourishment; and policy/zoning changes.  Below is more information about adaptation strategies considered through the C-SMART.
Presentation on Adaptation Strategies
Community Maps Strategy Posters
East Shore Strategy Key
Marshall Beach Nourishment
Inverness Coastal Armoring
Point Reyes
Green Infrastructure
Stinson Beach
Land Use Policies
Bolinas FEMA IBC V Zone Construction Requirements
FEMA_IRC V Zone Construction Requirements