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The California Legislature enacted the Coastal Act in 1976, creating a mandate for coastal counties to manage the conservation and development of coastal resources through a comprehensive planning and regulatory program called the Local Coastal Program (LCP).

The Local Coastal Program (LCP) is a planning document that identifies the location, type, densities, and other ground rules for future development in the coastal zone. Each LCP includes a land use plan and its implementing measures. These programs govern decisions that determine the short and long term conservation and use of coastal land, water, and other resources.

CDA organized an LCP photo contest of Marin's coastal areas for residents and visitors.  You can view the submissions by visiting our photo gallery.

News and Announcements

The Marin County Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 1:00 pm (room #328, Administration Building, Marin County Civic Center) regarding proposed amendments and modifications to the certified Marin County Local Coastal Program (LCPA), specifically Amendments Nos. 3 and 7, Land Use Plan Policy C-PK-3 and related LCP Map changes. Because the Planning Commission has already conducted numerous hearings on the LCPA, the upcoming staff presentation and discussion will focus on substantive policy issues addressed by the Board of Supervisors since the Planning Commission’s last action in 2016. The hearing will also provide an opportunity for the Planning Commission to issue recommendations to the Board of Supervisors before the Board takes final action on the County’s proposed LCP amendments. The staff report and attachments for Planning Commission Hearing LCP Amendment 3, 7 are on the Plans and Documents page.

*** Prior Action

After a public hearing on April 24, 2018 the Marin County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to adopt its Staff recommendation on Marin's Local Coastal Program Amendments (LCPAs) that had been approved, but with significant "Modifications" by the California Coastal Commission (CCC) on November 2, 2016. The Board accepted Amendments 1 and 2, which (except the Hazard policies) comprise the entire Land Use Plan setting out the fundamental policies for managing Marin’s coast, as well as Amendment 6 (Administration), as modified by the CCC. The Board did not accept modified Amendment 3, the Implementing Program for the LCP Agriculture Chapter, and Amendment 7, the balance of the LCP Implementing Program. Pending resolution of a number of issues the adopted materials for the hearing are available in the BOS Hearing on Accepting LCP Amendment 4/24/18 Panel on the "Plans and Documents" page.