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The California Legislature enacted the Coastal Act in 1976, creating a mandate for coastal counties to manage the conservation and development of coastal resources through a comprehensive planning and regulatory program called the Local Coastal Program (LCP).

The Local Coastal Program (LCP) is a planning document that identifies the location, type, densities, and other ground rules for future development in the coastal zone. Each LCP includes a land use plan and its implementing measures. These programs govern decisions that determine the short and long term conservation and use of coastal land, water, and other resources.

CDA organized an LCP photo contest of Marin's coastal areas for residents and visitors.  You can view the submissions by visiting our photo gallery.

News and Announcements

Update on the Draft Environmental Hazard Policies

As part of the County’s Local Coastal Program (LCP) Amendments, staff has continued to work with Coastal Commission staff and stakeholders to develop Environmental Hazard policies and regulations for the Coastal Zone. The goal of the Environmental Hazards update is to protect coastal resources and plan for climate change impacts, while balancing the needs of property owners and coastal visitors. Versions of the draft Environmental Hazard policies were provided to the Coastal Commission staff for their input in April, July, and August 2021. We are currently awaiting their response on the draft policies. Once we receive their comments, County staff will analyze the Commission staff’s feedback and modify the draft policies accordingly. These modified policies will be widely shared with members of the public and presented and discussed at a Public Workshop. County staff hopes to have this Workshop sometime this winter, but understands that we must be flexible as we await the initial comments from the Commission staff.

Updated Local Coastal Program Now In Effect

On July 13, 2021, the Board of Supervisors, after a public hearing, unanimously adopted a Resolution that placed the entire updated portions of the County's Local Coastal Program (LCP) Amendments into effect August 12, 2021. These updates have recently completed the certification process by the California Coastal Commission and include the full LCP less the environmental hazards policies that are currently in the process of public input and comment by stakeholders, to be followed by community workshops and hearings in the fall, with adoption by the Board by the end of the year.

The new components of Marin's LCP, including many new and improved policies and code provisions designed to protect natural resources, preserve agricultural uses and clarify permit processes among other benefits.

The following documents highlight some of the new Land Use and Coastal Permit Framework changes.

Reflecting the Organization of Marin’s Countywide Plan, the update Land Use Policies are grouped in three sections: Natural Systems and Agriculture, the Built Environment, and Socioeconomic policies. Within these are the following chapters:

Natural Systems and Agriculture

Built Environment


In addition, the Implementation Plan carries out these policies, including procedures and standards for development permitting.

The newly activated Land Use and Implementation Plans can be accessed through the links below or the Plans, Policies, and Regulations - Local Coastal Program page.

Marin County 2019 Land Use Plan (not including Environmental Hazards)
Marin County 2019 Implementation Plan (not including Environmental Hazards)

The current, certified Environmental Hazards sections remain in effect, and can be accessed here:

Marin 2004 Land Use Plan, Unit I (Environmental Hazards only)
Marin 2004 Land Use Plan, Unit II (Environmental Hazards only)
Title 22I, Section 22.56.130I (Subsections H, K, and L)