C-SMART: Sea Level Rise and Marin's Ocean Coast

Community Development Agency

Climate experts estimate that by 2100, sea level could rise by around 70 inches and that the frequency, intensity and flood-effects of storms will increase. People in coastal areas need to understand how sea level rise may affect their homes, schools, roads, public facilities, natural resources and habitat areas, and how to prepare for them. Collaboration: Sea-level Marin Adaptation Response Team (C-SMART) is working to develop this understanding for Marin’s ocean coast, so that together, we can prepare to meet the challenge of sea level rise.


View a detailed presentation of the Tomales Bay Living Shoreline Project here
View the final report here 

CDA is hard at work preparing the Stinson Beach Adaptation and Resilience Collaboration (“Stinson ARC”) adaptation planning process for public kick off in early 2022. Check out the project overview featured on Ocean Protection Council’s Prop 68 Climate Resilience Miniseries 
and associated short overview video!

Marin County Community Development Agency has released an RFP for Adaptation Planning and Environmental Engineering for the Stinson Beach Adaptation and Resilience Collaboration. Services secured under this solicitation will be central to developing a framework for sea level rise adaptation through the end of the century for the community of Stinson Beach.

You can now view the recording of the Stinson Beach Dune Study presentation and download a copy of the groundbreaking Dune Feasibility Study.

Here are two national stories from NY Times and Bloomberg on Sea Level Rise  -- both highlight the West coast and the Bay Area.