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January 2018 Marin Academy Student Sea Level Rise Survey

For a two-year independent research course, Marin Academy Senior Zachary Baum is researching the effects of sea level rise on residents in Marin County by conducting an online public survey, open to all Marin County residents.  Participation in this survey is completely anonymous, very easy, and extremely helpful for understanding how to successfully adapt to sea level rise.

    Summer 2017 West Marin Adaptation Plan Results Summary

    Marin County Community Development Agency (CDA) launched the Collaboration Sea Level Rise Marin Adaptation Response Team (C-SMART) Adaptation Plan Passport. The objective of this passport was to seek input from community members to inform next steps the County could take to address sea level rise in West Marin. View Passport Results Summary.


      Public Meetings

      • Public Meeting - Novato / Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment 4/29/2017
      • Public Meeting - Mill Valley / Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment 4/25/2017
      • Public Meeting - San Rafael / Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment 4/19/2017

      Public Events

      • Driver's Market with Supervisor Kate Sears on Sea Level Rise from Sausalito to Novato 4/26/2017



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      C-SMART Publications

      Adaptation Report

      Community Development Agency staff have worked with local residents and a variety of agencies and technical experts on developing adaptation strategies. The Marin Ocean Coast Sea Level Rise Adaptation Report is a result of that effort. The Adaptation Report is not a plan, but rather an informational document compiling adaptation options proposed to date to set the foundation for continued planning in West Marin.

      Vulnerability Assessment

      The C-SMART project team gathered information from technical advisors, utility managers, and coastal residents about potential sea level rise impacts. The resulting Marin Ocean Coast Vulnerability Assessment summarizes the expected timing and extent of impacts, laying a foundation of knowledge to guide adaptation planning. CDA staff presented the assessment to the Planning Commission on November 9, 2015 and to the Board of Supervisors on November 17, 2015. The final Vulnerability Assessment was accepted by the Board of Supervisors on February 27, 2018. Thank you to everyone who submitted public comments.

      Marin Ocean Coast Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment (FINAL)
      •    Executive Summary and Introduction
      •    Asset Profiles
      •    Community Profiles
      •    Conclusion and Appendices