Marin Coast Adaptation Planning

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Stinson Beach Nature-Based Adaptation Feasibility Study

The County of Marin received grant funding from the State Coastal Conservancy for a nature-based adaptation feasibility study to examine the extent to which nature-based adaptation, such as dune restoration and enhancement, can sustain the beach and protect development from coastal flooding in Stinson Beach. The study convened a unique cross disciplinary team of experts to assess the feasibility of multi-objective natural infrastructure as an alternative to coastal armoring. The project goals are to enhance existing habitats and public access, support vibrant recreational opportunities for users of all socioeconomic circumstances, and provide flood and erosion protection against existing coastal hazards and future sea level rise. The project is now completed and the County is offering opportunities to watch presentations and read the report.


  • Watch the recording of the September 27, 2021 webinar on sea level rise planning in Stinson Beach.
  • Watch the recording of the October 21, 2021 presentation of the Stinson Beach Dune Study or Nature-Based Adaptation Study

Stinson Beach Nature-Based Adaptation Feasibility Study Documents:

For more information, contact Leslie Lacko.

Tomales Bay Living Shoreline Project

With a grant from the State Coastal Conservancy, the County is evaluating a range of living shoreline measures in Tomales Bay to determine the extent to which they can provide flood protection of habitat, public access, and shoreline development. Living shorelines such as eelgrass, oyster reefs, wetlands and other natural systems can provide services in adapting to climate change impacts, as well as sequester carbon. This study proposes to evaluate the feasibility of such adaptations at specific locations in Tomales Bay.

The project team has to date completed mapping of Tomales Bay habitats, identified potential sites for several types of living shorelines, and selected two sites for further conceptual development: Cypress Grove and Martinelli Park. The project deadline was recently extended to the end of November, 2021. Final project materials and a public meeting will be available after that time.

For more information, contact Leslie Lacko.

Marin Ocean Coast Sea Level Rise Adaptation Planning

On February 27, 2018 the Board of Supervisors accepted the Marin Ocean Coast Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment and Marin Ocean Coast Sea Level Rise Adaptation Report; and received an overview of the Phase II Work Program. The meeting can be viewed here.

Summer 2017 Adaptation Planning

Board of Supervisors August 2017 C-SMART Workshop

For those who were unable to attend the Board of Supervisors Workshop held August 1st, the meeting can be viewed here.

The Adaptation Report is the final Phase I deliverable of the Marin County Community Development Agency's Collaboration Sea Level Rise Marin Adaptation Response Team (C-SMART) program.  Since 2014, Community Development Agency staff have worked in conjunction with local residents and a variety of agencies and technical experts on adaptation strategy development.  The Adaptation Report is not a plan, but rather an informational document compiling adaptation options proposed to date to set the foundation for continued planning in West Marin.  The report also outlines possible next steps as part of an ongoing adaptive management approach.

A thirty-day public comment period preceded this draft. Comment letters with Community Development Agency responses can be found here.

C-SMART Adaptation Plan Passport

Marin County Community Development Agency (CDA) launched the Collaboration Sea Level Marin Adaptation Response Team (C-SMART) Adaptation Plan Passport.  The objective of this passport was to seek input from community members to inform next steps the County could take to address sea level rise in West Marin.

View Passport Results Summary.

Spring 2016 Adaptation Planning

Building on information gathered through the Vulnerability Assessment and public outreach efforts, Marin County is currently drafting an Adaptation Report.

Over 200 people participated in the West Marin Sea Level Rise Adaptation Poll between November 2015 and January 2016, helping Marin County Community Development Agency understand which adaptation strategies might receive the most public support in the future. View the West Marin Sea Level Rise Adaptation Poll Results.

Contact us at or (415) 473-4333 if you have any questions or would like to invite a planner to your group's meeting to explain the poll.

Presentation on Adaptation Strategies

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Area Maps
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