North Coast Land Holdings Community Plan Amendment/Master Plan Amendment/Design Review/Tree Removal Permit/Master Use Permit/Tentative Map on the Golden Gate Baptist Seminary property (P1490) and Master Plan Extension

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Master Plan


201 Seminary Drive
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Parcel Numbers: 043-261-25; 043-261-26; 043-262-03, 043-262-06; 043-401-05; 043-401-10; 043-401-16; 043-402-03; 043-402-06


Environmental Review

Project Planner

Tom Lai


North Coast Land Holdings, LLC
Bruce Jones

Project Description

The Marin County Planning Division has received a revised application from North Coast Land Holdings for a project on the site of the Golden Gate Baptist Seminary in the Strawberry area of Mill Valley. The applicant for the project is Bruce Jones, and the property is located at 201 Seminary Drive, further identified as Assessor's Parcels 043-261-25; 043-261-26; 043-262-03, 043-262-06; 043-401-05; 043-401-10; 043-401-16; 043-402-03; 043-402-06.

On August 16, 2017, the owner submitted a revised application that modifies key elements of the previous proposal. Chief among these is that Branson high school is no longer associated with the project. The project description below reflects the changes to the proposal.

On October 3, 2017, the owner submitted a request to extend the 1984 Master Plan for four years.


The project site has been used by the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (Seminary) as a graduate school since the original Use Permit was approved for the Seminary in 1953. Since the Seminary campus opened in 1959, it has received a variety of land use approvals. The most notable entitlement the Seminary received was in 1984 when the Board of Supervisors approved a Master Plan for the school campus. The Master Plan approved ten school related buildings totaling approximately 192,600 square feet in floor area, in addition to a total of 304 residential units to accommodate on-site housing opportunities for the students, faculty and staff. To date, five institutional school buildings totaling 120,600 square feet of floor area have been constructed as follows:

  • 25,200 square foot Administration Building
  • 51,200 square foot Academic Building
  • 32,000 square foot Library Building
  • 10,000 square foot Cafeteria Building
  • 2,200 square foot Maintenance Building

Additionally, 211 separate dwelling areas have also been constructed. The dwelling areas are distributed throughout a variety of 42 single family, multiple family, and dormitory buildings comprised of the following:

  • 66 dorm rooms
  • 16 studio units
  • 54 one bedroom units
  • 54 two bedroom units
  • 19 three bedroom units
  • 2 four bedroom units

The buildings and residential units that have not been constructed per the 1984 Master Plan are as follows:

  • 12,000 square foot Classroom Building
  • 25,000 square foot Chapel/Auditorium
  • 17,000 square foot Gymnasium/Health Center
  • 12,000 Square foot Student Center
  • 3,000 square foot Day Care Center
  • 3,000 square feet of a 5,200 square foot approved Maintenance Building

        Total Floor Area: 74,200 square feet

  • 93 residential units

Zoning: RMP 2.47 (multiple family residential, planned district) and AH (Affordable Housing)
Countywide Plan Designation: MF2 (Low Density Residential, 1-4 units/acre)
Community Plan (if applicable): Strawberry Community Plan

Proposed Project

The applicant, North Coast Land Holdings, LLC, is requesting a Community Plan Amendment, Master Plan Amendment, a Precise Development Plan, a Use Permit Amendment, a Vesting Tentative Map, and a Tree Removal Permit to allow the redevelopment of the existing Seminary campus. Due to Development Code amendments approved in 2016, Precise Development Plans as a permit category have been replaced by Design Reviews for multiple sites and Use Permits have been replaced by Master Use Permits when they entail multiple conditional uses. The applicant is proposing to redevelop the project site with a graduate school campus that would allow up 1,000 students, in addition to the construction of academic buildings and residential units consistent with the maximum floor area and number of residential units that were previously approved for the project site in 1953 and in 1984. In summary, the scope of the project would include the following:

  • Replace the existing Seminary graduate school with a different kind of graduate school, which may or may not have a religious component. A maximum of 1,000 students would continue to be allowed and according to the application materials, “student enrollment will be substantially similar to the previous user with a combination of on-site boarders, day students, and online education.”
  • Allow the following uses to continue on the property: (1) on-site property management offices; (2) a pre-school open to the public; (3) a catering company able to provide service either on or off site; and, (4) renting out residential units to the public.
  • Demolish all of the existing housing except thirteen existing individual residences.
  • Architectural and interior remodel of the existing Administration Building (25,200 square feet) the Library Building (32,000 square feet), and the Cafeteria Building (10,000 square feet). No additional floor area would be added to these buildings.
  • Remodel and 12,000 square foot addition to the existing Administration Building. The Administrative Building would total 63,200 square feet of floor area.
  • Replacement of and 3,000 square foot addition to the Maintenance Building. The maintenance building would total 5,200 square feet of floor area.
  • Construct the following new institutional buildings:
    • 25,000 square foot Chapel/Auditorium
    • 20,000 square foot Gymnasium/Health Center
    • 12,000 Square foot Student Center
  • Develop new residential units as follows:
    • 198 of the existing 211 units would be replaced with new units
    • 93 new units would be constructed

            Thirteen of the existing 211 units would remain, resulting in a total of 304 units on the site.

  • Landscape and hardscape improvements associated with the school campus and the residential units, including parking and playfields.
  • The removal of trees to accommodate the project.

The proposed Vesting Tentative Map is a resubdivision of lots 25, 26, 27, 28, and Parcels A, B, and C as shown on the map entitled “Map of Seminary Ridge- Phase 1,” filed in book 20 of maps page 84, Marin County Records. More specifically, the applicant proposes to subdivide Lot 28 of the Seminary Ridge subdivision into six lots. The existing Lot 28 is 73.66 acres in area, and the proposed lots would have the following approximate areas:

  • Lot 5: 9.69 acres
  • Lot 6: 9.07 acres
  • Lot 7: 5.33 acres
  • Lot 8: 7.95 acres
  • Lot 9: 8.88 acres
  • Lot 10: 32.02 acres
  • Lot 11: 0.72 acres

The Affordable Housing Plan for the project includes concessions under the density bonus regulations (Marin County Code chapter 22.24). The concessions relate to the maximum number of units allowable on the property pursuant to Countywide Plan policies limiting development to the low end of the density range (CWP TR-1.e) and to reserving the right to pursue up to the maximum 35 percent density bonus allowed by State law.


An amendment to the Strawberry Community Plan is necessary to modify language in the Community Plan specifically related to the Seminary site. The modifications include changing the text currently referring to student housing to allow residential units that are not exclusively dedicated to student housing.

Pursuant to Section 22.44.020 of the County Code, a Master Plan Amendment is necessary to amend the previously approved 1984 Master Plan for the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. The proposed amendment would allow the housing previously approved to be used exclusively by students, staff, and faculty to be redeveloped as housing that would also be available to the general public.

Pursuant to Section 22.42.020 of the County Code, a Design Review is necessary to allow for the site layout, architectural design, and construction of the new buildings.

Pursuant to Section 22.49.010 of the County Code, a Master Use Permit is necessary to allow multiple conditional uses on site in addition to the graduate school, including: (1) on-site property management offices; (2) a pre-school open to the public; and, (3) a catering company able to provide service either on or off site.

Pursuant to Section 22.84.110 of the County Code, a Vesting Tentative Map is necessary to subdivide Lot 28 of the Seminary Ridge subdivision into six lots.

Pursuant to Section 22.62.020 of the County Code, a Tree Removal Permit is necessary to allow the removal of protected trees for development of the project.

The Master Plan Extension is processed pursuant to Section 22.70.050 of the County code.

Public Notice

View the Public Notice - This is the Notice of Preparation of Environmental Impact Report.

Design Review Board Meetings

Strawberry Design Review Board10/02/17
07:30 PM

118 E Strawberry Dr., Mill Valley, CA 94941

Public Hearings

Planning Commission Public Hearing10/30/17
01:00 PM

3501 Civic Center Drive #328
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