2007 Marin Countywide Plan

Community Development Agency


The Marin Countywide Plan (CWP) is a comprehensive long-range general plan for the unincorporated areas of Marin County.  Last updated in 2007, the CWP includes the overarching theme of "planning sustainable communities" and promotes leading edge strategies started in 1974, when Marin County set in place policies that prevented runaway development and protected open space.  By focusing on sustainability, the CWP also serves as a model for other communities to address the impending climate change crisis - including assessing greenhouse-gas emissions, setting targets to reduce emissions, and programs to plan for and adapt to projected sea level rise.

News and Announcements

In February, the Board of Supervisors approved a work plan to update the Marin Countywide Plan. The modest scope of amendments will be conducted in phases and focus on Board priorities. Phase 1 will focus on developing an Expanded Stream Conservation Area Ordinance for the San Geronimo Valley, while Phase 2 will address various state general plan mandates, state housing law, and SCA regulations for the remainder of unincorporated Marin outside the San Geronimo Valley. These amendments will be completed over a projected timeline of approximately 4 - 5 years, factoring in the proposed scope of work and compliance with environmental regulations.

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