Successor Redevelopment Agency

Community Development Agency

County of Marin as Successor Agency to the Marin County Redevelopment Agency


Effective February 1, 2012 the California legislature dissolved all redevelopment agencies in California. In accordance with the legislation, the County of Marin opted to become the Successor Agency to the Marin County Redevelopment Agency. The role of the Successor Agency is to insure that enforceable obligations of the former redevelopment agency are met and to wind down activities and dispose of any property and/or assets.

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Oversight Board Agendas, Minutes and Staff Reports 


For information or to request a copy of the current AB 987 compliant database, please contact Leelee Thomas, Principal Planner, Community Development Agency at (415) 473-6697.


Useful Information

Oversight Board

The Dissolution Act established Oversight Boards to supervise the activities of the Successor Agency. The Oversight Board has a fiduciary responsibility to holders of enforceable obligations and taxing entities within the project area and is required to direct the Successor Agency to evaluate whether contracts and agreements can be terminated or renegotiated to reduce liabilities and increase revenues to taxing entities. Actions of the Oversight Board are overseen by the Director of the State Department of Finance, who may modify or disapprove of the Oversight Board's actions. The Oversight Board will have seven members appointed by and representing the following:

  • President of the Marin County Board of Supervisors (Leslie Alden, Terrie Green, Gerald Norman)
  • County Superintendent of Education (Mary Jane Burke, Public member, Terena Mares)
  • Chancellor of California Community Colleges (Al Harrison)
  • Marin City Community Services District (Johnathan Logan Jr.)

Oversight Board Meetings