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Programs for Residents

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Whether you have already started making home sustainability improvements or are just getting started, these programs can help you on your journey to a more efficient and comfortable home. This page features information on sustainability rebate, financing, direct-install, and technical assistance programs available in Marin County.

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Getting Started - Home Assessments and Low-Hanging Fruit


Not sure where to start? Getting a home energy assessment is a great way to learn about the energy use in your home and what you can do to make the biggest improvements and which investments will produce the best return. Like most home improvement projects, you can solicit the help of a professional or do some research, roll up your sleeves and DIY. The following programs can help:

Home Energy Score

Home Energy Score Bay Area Logo

A Home Energy Score provides single family homeowners with a 1 to 10 'score' that indicates how efficient a home is compared to a comparable-sized home. The program was developed by the US Department of Energy and takes data from Home Scores across the entire country. Homeowners can expect to learn about how their home uses energy and recommendations on home efficiency projects. Each score is done by a participating Home Energy Score Assessor. You can search for Assessors in your area here.

The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) provides a $200 rebate for each Home Score to offset the total cost. Funding is limited.

BayREN Home+ Online Self-Assessment and Energy Savings Kit

Bay Area Regional Energy Network Home Plus Program Logo

The BayREN Home+ programs provides an online home energy evaluation. It's free and only takes a few minutes. You'll learn what changes can help lower your energy bills. Upon completion, BayREN will send you a free Energy Savings Kit and put you in touch with a Home Energy Advisor. Click here to start your home self-assessment. There is also a tutorial video on how to sign up for your free energy-saving kit. 

The Green House Call

Rising Sun Logo

The Green House Call, provided by the Rising Sun Center for Opportunity, is a no-cost program for all residents in Marin County. It provides no-cost 'Green House Calls', which consist of installation of LED light bulbs, faucet aerators, shower heads, and smart power strips and an energy and water use evaluation.

The Green House Calls are done by local college and high school-aged youth on their summer breaks from school. The local youth get summer jobs with a paycheck, job training in the green economy, and residents get no-cost energy and water evaluations and installation of resource-saving equipment, a true win-win! Visit their website or call (510) 665-1501 ext. 300 get on the wait list for Summer 2019.

Getting Work Done - Rebates and Technical Assistance

Not sure where to start? Getting a home energy assessment is a great way to learn about the energy use in your home and what you can do to make the biggest improvements and which investments will produce the best return. Like most home improvement projects, you can solicit the help of a professional or do some research, roll up your sleeves and DIY. The following programs can help:

BayREN Home+ Rebate Program
Bay Area Regional Energy Network Home Plus Program Logo

The BayREN Home+ program provides rebates of up to $5,000 for homeowners making energy efficiency improvements to the home including: smart thermostats, insulation, building envelope air sealing, duct sealing, efficient furnace water heater replacements, and more. You can start looking for participating contractors here.

Home Energy Advisors - Technical Assistance
Image of Home Upgrade Advisor

The Home Energy Advisors are available to provide no-cost technical support for Marin residents exploring energy efficiency projects. They can help you find  participating contractors offering rebates, review bids, navigate the rebate program, and answer questions about home energy efficiency projects. They are not financially tied to any work you do, so they can offer true third-party technical support.

Contact a Home Energy Advisor by calling (866) 878-6008.

Electrify Marin Rebate Program
Electrify Marin House Icon

As more people install solar on their homes and the grid in California gets supplied with more renewable energy, switching appliances from fossil fuel to electric-powered options is one way to continue reducing local greenhouse gas emissions. The County of Marin is offering rebates for homeowners for switching out gas appliances with electric options. Eligible projects include heat pump space and water heaters, induction cooking, and electrical service panel upgrades.

Visit the Electrify Marin page for more information or call (415) 473-3069.


There are special financing products in the market for energy efficiency, water efficiency, and solar home improvement projects. It is important to carefully review your options and loan terms before financing any projects. The Home Energy Advisors (available at (866) 878-6008) can answer questions about the following financing programs.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing allows property owners to secure upfront funding for energy efficiency, water efficiency, renewable energy, and seismic improvement projects which are repaid through an up to 20-year special line item on their property taxes - instead of traditional consumer credit. The program is open to property owners in all Marin jurisdictions and unincorporated Marin County. Visit our Energy Financing page for more information.

Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) and Go Green Financing

Go Green Financing

Go Green Financing and REEL are financing programs provided by the Investor Owned Utilities (like the Pacific Gas & Electric Company) and the State of California.

Learn more about REEL on their webpage or on our Energy Financing Page.


Income Qualified Programs

Marin Housing Authority Residential Rehabilitation Loan Program

Marin Housing Authority Logo

The Marin Housing Authority Residential Rehabilitation Loan Program provides low-interest property improvement loans and technical assistance to qualified very-low-income homeowners to make basic repairs and improvements, correct substandard conditions, and eliminate health and safety hazards. Energy efficiency improvements are eligible for this program.


Contact the Marin Housing Authority for more information via email or by phone at (415) 491-2550.

Green and Healthy Homes Initiative - Marin

Green and Healthy Homes Initiative Marin Logo


The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative - Marin (GHHI-Marin) is a network of local providers working to make housing healthier, more accessible, and energy efficient. The program works by coordinating services from different home improvement organizations and programs so that residents can have a one-stop-shop for their home improvement needs.


Available services include:

  • Roof, door, window, and foundation repair
  • Pest remediation
  • Installation of grab bars and ramps
  • Installation of energy conservation measures and heating/cooling systems
  • Waste reduction strategies
  • Additional social services

While anyone can apply for services through the GHHI-Marin program, free or subsidized services are available only to those individuals and families meeting specific eligibility criteria. Marin residents can apply to the GHHI-Marin program here.

Additional Programs

Marin Solar Program

Solar Panels on a roof with the Civic Center in the background

Visit our solar page for information on Marin County solar installations and resources for property owners looking to go solar.


Marin Green Building Program

Building Under Construction

Visit the Marin Green Building Page for information on the Wood Stove Rebate Program, green building requirements for remodel and new construction projects, and the Construction and Demolition Reuse and Recycling Ordinance. 


Marin Water District Rebate and Conservation Programs

Check with your water district for available water conservation and rebate programs. Incentives may be available for low flow toilets, grey water systems, removing lawns, hot water recirculating systems, and more. The water district websites also provide valuable information on do-it-yourself water surveys, community classes, water-saving products and practices, and more.

Resources and Community Engagement

Resilient Neighborhoods

Resilliant Neighborhoods Logo

The Resilient Neighborhoods program has helped 550 Marin residents save money, make families safer, and reduce over 2.6 million pounds of carbon emissions. The program is fun and effective because it's done with a team of households. Each household goes on a low-carbon diet to reduce 5,000 lbs. in 10 weeks. At five facilitated meetings, team members learn about actions they can take to trim energy and waste, drive ecologically, and prepare their homes and neighborhoods for emergencies. The program works well even for people who have already done a lot. You can sign up for a team or get more information on the Resilient Neighborhoods website, or contact them directly via email.

"Welcome to Your Home" Kit

This 12-page booklet contains everything information on sustainability related programs available in Marin County. Information includes: how to go solar, energy efficiency programs and rebates, how to find your waste hauler, water conservation, community volunteering opportunities, and more. View the online PDF below or call our office to request a hard copy (415) 473-2698.

Link to the Welcome to Your Home Kit

Marin Sustainability Magazine Vol. 1

In September, 2019, the Marin County Sustainability Team published the first volume of Marin Sustainability Magazine as an insert in the Point Reyes Light weekly newspaper. This document is meant to inform Marin residents on home sustainability and indoor air quality.

Link to Marin Sustainability Magazine Volume 1

For Your HOA, Congregation, or Community Group

Our office is available to come out and present sustainability program information to your community group. Presentations can be catered towards residents (homeowners and renters), industry (realtors or contractors), and businesses. Contact us to learn more.

San Rafael Home Upgrade Case Study

Read about this San Rafael family's experience with upgrading their furnace and duct system. They were able to secure a $1,900 rebate through the Bay Area Regional Energy Network and Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade and now have a modern heating system that is quiet, efficient, and supplies better air quality to the home.

Resources for Realtors

Are you a Realtor working in Marin County? Visit out For Realtors page for information on training programs for Realtors, current home energy efficiency programs, and how to help your clients get the most out of their homes.