Local Coastal Program

Community Development Agency

On July 13, 2021, the Board of Supervisors voted to activate the certified Local Coastal Program (LCP) Amendments. All portions of Marin’s LCP Amendments have been approved by the Board of Supervisors and certified by the Coastal Commission with the exception of chapters related to environmental hazards, which remain the subject of on-going work and public input. As a result, those sections of the original versions of the LCP, certified by the Coastal Commission in 1980 (Unit I) in 1981 (Unit II), still apply to environmental hazards.

As a result, the County is now applying a Hybrid LCP, containing all currently applicable documents of the LCP, including both the new Land Use Plan (LUP) and Implementation Plan (IP), as well as the old LUP policies and Interim Code standards related to environmental hazards.

Additionally, there are updated maps, appendices and information related to Coastal Exclusions. For clarity, the following LCP related documents, are broken into three separate volumes:

Volume 1: LUP Policies and Related Documents

New LUP Policies
Original LUP Policies Related to Environmental Hazards
New LUP Appendices
New LUP Maps

Volume 2: IP Regulations

New Development Standards
Applicable Interim Zoning Code for Hazards
Applicable Development Code Sections Referenced in the New IP

Volume 3: Categorical Exclusions

Categorical Exclusion Orders
Zoning Codes that were in effect when the coastal exclusion orders were adopted
Maps of the Coastal Exclusion boundaries and other related documents

Should you have questions related to the Hybrid LCP, as it relates to your own project or property, please contact the Marin County Planning Department at 415.473.6269 or by email using this inquiry form.