Local Coastal Program

Community Development Agency

The Marin County Local Coastal Program is a set of rules that govern development in the coastal zone of Marin County.

It consists of two parts:

  • The Land Use Plan (LUP) sets out broad goals and policies for the coastal zone and its unique communities.
  • The Implementation Plan (IP) provides more detailed requirements for development in the coastal zone. The IP is also known as Title 20 - Coastal Zoning Code.

Additionally, there are updated maps, appendices and information related to Coastal Exclusions. For clarity, the following LCP related documents, are broken into three separate volumes:

Volume 1: Land Use Plan Policies and Related Documents

LUP Policies
LUP Appendices
LUP Maps

Volume 2: Implementation Plan Regulations (Title 20 - Coastal Zoning Code)

Development Standards
Applicable Development Code Sections Referenced in the New IP

Volume 3: Categorical Exclusions

Categorical Exclusion Orders
Zoning Codes that were in effect when the coastal exclusion orders were adopted
Maps of the Coastal Exclusion boundaries and other related documents