Plan Approval Procedures

Community Development Agency
  1. Allow at least 20 working days for Environmental Health to complete the plan review.
  2. This application packet contains detailed information on what is to be included in the plans. Read it carefully! The plans are to show exactly how the food facility will be constructed. If all the information required is not included, the plans will be rejected.
  3. Complete all sections of the enclosed Application and the Plan Submittal Checklist. Keep the Plan Check Guide and the Inspection Checklist! Your contractor needs to review the approval letter and the Guide prior to construction. The Inspection Checklist will help the contractor prepare for inspections.
  4. Initially, submit one (1) set of plans. Plans shall be submitted to a scale of 1/4 inch to one foot. You will be notified when the plans are approved or rejected, within twenty working days. Provide three (3) sets of corrected, amended plans for final review once you have received your written notification. Two sets will be returned to you and one set will be kept on file. Submit your two approved sets directly to the Chief Building Official for review and approval. Approved plans and the Building Permit Card must be on the jobsite at all times!
  5. Complete the Plan Check List enclosed in this packet and submit with the application. On the lines in the left column, identify the page numbers of the plan sheets or write “N/A” for the items not shown on the plans.
  6. At the time of submittal, pay the required fee for the plan review and construction inspections. See the cover page for current fee schedule. The fee shall be made payable to County of Marin. Plans will not be accepted without payment of fees. Time spent for excessive plan review or construction inspections will be billed at the current hourly rate.
  7. Check with the appropriate local jurisdiction for other requirements (i.e., Business License, Building, Alcohol and Beverage Control, Planning and Zoning Administration., etc.)
  8. If any changes occur after plans have been stamped and approved, you must resubmit your revisions and pay an additional fee for review time, and fill out a new Application.
  9. Before you can open for business, a Final Inspection report must be issued by Environmental Health Services. The Permit to Operate will be mailed after the Permit Application is completed and the fee is paid. The fee is determined by our office fee schedule which is approved by the Board of Supervisors. This fee and the Permit to Operate are non-transferable and non-refundable. This is an entirely different fee from the plan review fee. Additionally, by state law, a separate penalty fee shall be charged, up to three (3) times the current permit fee, if a food facility operates without a valid health permit.
  10. Do not order any food until a preliminary and final construction inspections are performed and after you receive written permission. You will be ordered to destroy any contaminated food, and cited.
  11. Call (415) 499-6907 if you have any questions.