Planning Commission review of land use alternatives for the Countywide Plan Update

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Planning Commission review of land use alternatives for the Countywide Plan Update

Event Date:
Monday, August 18, 2003

Event Time:
1:00 PM -

Event Location:
Civic Center
3501 Civic Center Drive
Board of Supervisors Chambers Room 329
San Rafael, CA 94903


The Marin County Planning Commission will be reviewing the four alternative land use plans for the Countywide Plan Update.Consideration of land use alternatives is one of the cornerstones of community planning. It is the opportunity to decide the potential build-out in Marin County. Staff will examine different ways that the unincorporated county could ultimately develop. At the Planning Commission meeting of July 7, staff introduced the alternative land use plans philosophies developed by the public for the four different scenarios, which include: * Economic Viability * Transit-focused and Alternative Transportation * Housing/Social Equity * Environmental Preservation. The alternatives present four different land use scenarios, any one of which could provide information for the draft Built Environmental Element of the Marin Countywide Plan. The four alternatives modify nonresidential floor area including retail, office, warehouse, hotel and group quarters square feet and housing units including single family, town home, apartment, but not group quarters by changing the amount of potential development on individual parcels of land. At a future meeting, the land use alternatives will be tested against different quality of life indicators including transportation and environmental constraints. Additional information can be obtained from our website at

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