Green Building Model Reach Code and Ordinance Development

Community Development Agency


2022 Proposed Model Reach Code

The following is a model reach code (above and beyond state minimum) package for Marin policymakers, building officials, and the community to download, review, and use. It is intended to be a starting point for the County, Cities, and Towns to consider as policy during the 2022 building code adoption cycle:

  1. Executive Summary of County of Marin's Draft Model Reach Code:
    1. All-Electric for New Construction (updated October 7, 2022)
    2. Energy Efficiency and Electrification for Existing Single-Family Renovations (updated October 7, 2022)
    3. Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure for New Construction and Renovations (updated October 7, 2022)

  2. Draft Language of County of Marin's Draft Model Reach Code for New Construction, Renovations, and EV Infrastructure (updated October 10, 2022)

  3. State's Model New Construction and Renovations Reach Codes for local governments
    1. Newly Constructed Buildings
    2. Single Family Additions and Alterations (Renovations)
    3. Low-Rise Multifamily Additions and Alterations (Renovations)

  4. Bay Area Model New Construction and EV Reach Codes by SVCE, PCE, EBCE utilities