2022 Background, Approach, Process and Timeline

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The County of Marin, City of San Rafael, Town of San Anselmo, Town of Fairfax, and MCE clean energy have joined together to bolster Marin’s ambitious green building efforts. The team developed a green building model (prototype) code that exceeds State minimum standards, otherwise known as a “reach code”. Learning resources and implementation and enforcement materials will also be available for all twelve jurisdictions countywide to download and utilize.

All community stakeholders were encouraged to participate in community workshops, visit this page frequently throughout the process, and provided access to resources as development progressed until the end of calendar year 2022.

Model Reach Code Approach

The following goals reflected a starting point in the development of Marin's model reach codes:

  1. To develop City, Town, and County all-electric reach codes for completely new buildings, including residential, multifamily, and commercial
  2. To develop City, Town, and County reach codes for remodels of existing residences, including single and multi-family buildings
  3. To develop these reach codes for whole building projects only. It WILL NOT require appliance swaps at the time of replacement, otherwise known as "time of burnout"
  4. To adopt uniform building codes countywide that are consistent across all jurisdictions

Details of Marin's Proposed Green Building Model Reach Code Ordinance Approach illustrates how goals were met.

Process and Timeline

This countywide effort began September 2021. If adopted, reach codes will amend each jurisdiction's local building requirements. Building code amendments will ideally be adopted by council via an ordinance by September 2022 to November of 2022. In concert with the State's standards, the amended building code will ideally go into effect January 1, 2023.

Green Building Policy Timeline

Model Reach Code Feedback

A survey of the proposed model reach code was made public on the County's website and social media as well as distributed to building and advocacy community-based organizations and all Marin jurisdictions listservs countywide. The survey opened September 1, 2022, and closed September 25, 2022.

The survey found a majority of those respondents supported the proposed model reach code. Nonetheless, respondents have expressed concerns about grid reliability and costs to electrification. To learn more about how these as well as other concerns are addressed, please review the electrification and green building ordinance FAQs.

Anonymous respondent results and comments from the survey were published. Click on the Feedback Results button below to review.

Feedback Results