Strategic Plan

Community Development Agency


The Strategic Plan is the foundation for MarinCAN's work and vision. Access the full Strategic Plan and supporting documents below.


The Strategic Plan is the result of a two-year planning process. Over 150 volunteers of the original Drawdown: Marin worked to identify local climate solutions. The Marin County Board of Supervisors received and endorsed the Strategic Plan on December 8, 2020.

This document and the supporting appendixes summarize all 29 identified solutions as well as the following:

  • necessary equity work and initiatives
  • community empowerment and engagement priorities
  • governance and funding frameworks
  • needs for 2021-2030

Read the Strategic Plan documents

Drawdown: Marin Strategic Plan
Appendix A - What is Drawdown: Marin?
Appendix B - Equity in Practice
Appendix C - Year 1 Survey Results and Analysis
Appendix D - Drawdown: Marin Guiding Principles and Solutions Evaluation Criteria
Appendix E - Drawdown: Marin Solutions - Detailed Solutions Information and Comparison
Appendix F - Responses to Public Comments on the July 2020 Public Draft Strategic Plan