Board of Directors

Community Development Agency

MarinCAN Board of Directors

In March 2022, MarinCAN appointed its first Board of Directors. Under the Strategic Plan, the key functions of the MarinCAN Board are:

  • Oversee implementation of MarinCAN's vision, mission, goals, and solutions implementation
  • Endorse new solutions to achieve goals
  • Identify and coordinate funding for solutions implementation and nonprofit operations
  • Support comprehensive public outreach
  • Exercise fiduciary responsibility, oversight, and reporting
  • With Executive Director, set policy direction
  • Review the performance of MarinCAN nonprofit staff
  • Support the nonprofit via active Committees (for solutions, policy, funding, outreach, etc.)

Current Board Roster:

  1. Sam Ruben (Chair)
  2. Cerise Mayo (Vice-Chair)
  3. William Carney (Secretary)
  4. William Keene (Treasurer)
  5. Sandy Mendler
  6. Susan Gladwin
  7. Maika Llorens Gulati
  8. Kevin Haroff
  9. Stephanie Moulton-Peters
  10. Mary Sackett
  11. Sebastian Conn
  12. Karen Mendelow Nelson