Zero Emissions Landscaping

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What is happening?

Beginning 2024, California will ban the sales of new gas-powered tools under 25 horsepower.

This will be a big change for landscaping companies, especially small businesses. Because commercial landscaping tools only last a few years before they need replacement, landscaping professionals will need to replace their existing gas-powered tools with electric models shortly after January 1, 2024.

The most common gas-powered tools used by professional landscaping companies include:

  • Leaf blowers
  • Pole-mounted chainsaws
  • Hand-held chainsaws
  • Lawn mowers
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Weed wackers
  • Lawn edgers

All of these tools, and most specialty landscaping equipment, can be replaced with high quality, commercial-grade electric alternatives. Modern commercial-grade electric motors and batteries have a production capacity comparable to gas engines. Additionally, a commercial-grade electric leaf blower can save nearly $1500 in fuel and other operational costs over one year of operation, as compared to a similar gas-powered tool.

What homeowners need to know

Will there be a countywide ban?

The County will not enforce a countywide ban. Gas-powered tools will phase out due to the 2024 state ban.

In Marin, the landscaping industry employs many lower-income workers, immigrants, and other historically underserved groups. Many Marin landscaping companies are small, minority-owned businesses. A countywide ordinance would force an unnecessary financial burden on these vulnerable communities.

Instead, we will provide educational resources and assist landscaping businesses with this transition.

Many towns and cities in Marin already have their own small engine ban. You can look up your address on the map to get the latest details on the small engine ban in your local area. The current local ordinances are also summarized in the table below.

Current small engine ordinances in Marin County jurisdictions
Town/City Details
Belvedere Ban on gas powered leaf blowers.
Corte Madera Ban on gas powered leaf blowers. Exemption for school district.
Fairfax Personal and Town use of any gas powered landscaping tool banned January 1, 2023. Use of any gas powered landscaping tool by commercial contractors banned January 1, 2024.
Larkspur Ban on all gas powered leaf blowers.
Mill Valley Ban on all gas powered leaf blowers.
Novato Ban on all gas powered leaf blowers.
Ross Ban on gas powered leaf blowers.
San Anselmo Bans the use of two-cycle (2-stroke) leaf blowers.
San Rafael Ban on all gas powered leaf blowers.
Sausalito Ban on gas powered leaf blowers, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, weed trimmers, weed whackers, scissors January 31, 2023. Additional ban on chainsaws, pole mounted chainsaws and trimmers December 31, 2023.
Tiburon Ban on gas powered leaf blowers and gas powered hedge trimmers.

What can you do to help?

Encourage your landscaping contractor to use a zero-emission approach. You can also:

  • Limit landscaping hours
  • Limit power tool use hours on mornings, evenings, and weekends
  • Consider low maintenance, water-saving landscaping alternatives

What landscaping contractors and businesses need to know

What can you do?

We encourage you to begin making the transition to electric tools as soon as possible. Replace your worn-out gas tools with electric models. The latest professional tools and commercial-grade batteries are more affordable, efficient, and powerful. If you adopt these new tools early, you will have a competitive advantage.

Available resources to help your business transition

Clean Off-Road Equipment (CORE) voucher incentive project

The California Air Resources Board has a voucher incentive program to help your business make this transition. This fund will provide small businesses (100 employees or less) with up to $25,000 in tool and battery vouchers. Vouchers can be used at hundreds of tool and equipment suppliers across California.

For more information or to apply for a tool voucher, visit

You can also download a CORE voucher program manual which gives you more information about qualifying for the program incentive. The manual is available in English and Spanish.

Download the CORE voucher program manual (English)

Download the CORE voucher program manual (Spanish)

Funding Finder Tool

Find available programs to help pay for your next electric equipment.

Eligible Equipment

Search this list of equipment eligible for the CORE voucher program.

A list of current CORE-approved participating dealers is also available for download.