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Any business which produces medical waste must ensure it is properly disposed and properly transported for disposal. All businesses which produce, treat, or transports medical waste are required to register with County of Marin Medical Waste Program.

If you have any questions please contact the Medical Waste Program at or call 415-473-6907.

Environmental Health Services

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What is Medical Waste?

“Medical waste” means any biohazardous, pathology, pharmaceutical, or trace chemotherapy waste not regulated by the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (Public Law 94-580), as amended; sharps and trace chemotherapy wastes generated in a health care setting in the diagnosis, treatment, immunization, or care of humans or animals; waste generated in autopsy or necropsy; waste generated during preparation of a body for final disposition such as cremation or interment; waste generated in research pertaining to the production or testing of microbiologicals; waste generated in research using human or animal pathogens; sharps and laboratory waste that poses a potential risk of infection to humans generated in the inoculation of animals in commercial farming operations; waste generated from the consolidation of home-generated sharps; and waste generated in the cleanup of trauma scenes.

Acupuncture needles are also considered a type of sharps.

If you are unsure your waste stream is considered a medical waste, please contact the Medical Waste Program at or call 415-473-6907.

Medical Waste Facility Registration & Permit Information Updates

To register as a medical waste facility or update permit information (i.e. change of address, change of owner, etc.), operators must submit a completed Health Permit Application and Medical Waste Application to the Environmental Health Service office via mail, fax, email or in-person. Staff will review the applications and operations for approval and to determine the permit fee. Once payment is received, the permit will be issued and an initial inspection will be conducted within 12 months.

Operational and recordkeeping requirements vary depending on the volume of medical waste generation and if on-site treatment of medical waste will be utilized.

Disposal Requirements & Resources

“Businesses are NOT allowed to utilize residential disposal options (i.e. drop-off kiosks, medication disposal at Police Stations, or HHW programs at transfer stations). Businesses must use approved disposal options such as certified medical waste haulers, mail-back disposal, or approved alternative treatments (i.e. Isolyzer).

Regardless of the chosen disposal method, all generators must maintain disposal manifests or disposal documentation for at least three years.

Alternative Medical Waste Treatment Technologies (CDPH)

Registered Hazardous Waste Transporter Database (DTSC)

General Operational Resources

Paying My Invoice Or Bill

Marin County accepts payment in the following ways:
  1. Cash (in-office payments only)
  2. Check (in-office or mail payments)

    Make check payable to: Marin County

  3. Credit/Debit Card (over the phone or in person)

    Please call 415-473-6097
    Only Visa and Mastercard accepted

Please mail payments to:

Environmental Health Services
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Payments are accepted:

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