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If you are considering opening or purchasing a permanent food operation facility, you will need to obtain a permit as well as be aware of operational guidelines, inspection procedures and other information pertaining to the industry. The panels below contain specific information related to the type of permanent facilities you plan to operate. To learn more about operating a permanent food facility, please review the information provided on this page. If you have further questions, please call us at (415) 473-6907.



Annual Permit to Operate License Application

Operational Requirements

Food Facility Inspections

Marin County has over 1,500 food facilities that are inspected on a routine basis to monitor compliance with state and local laws, such as the California Retail Food Code (Cal Code). Unannounced inspections are performed by a Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS). Our team of Environmental Health Specialists conduct inspections using a statewide standard Food Inspection Report. The Inspection Report lists all possible code violation sections, including critical and noncritical (a.k.a. Good Retail Practices). The REHS provides the facility with the completed copy of the food inspection report after each inspection. Under state law each food facility must maintain a copy of the most recent environmental health inspection report onsite, and must make the report available for review by interested parties upon request.

Food facility inspection reports are also available on the EHS Food Facility Inspection website. The Environmental Health Services Food Facility Inspection Results Website allows the public to search online for inspection results for all food facilities in Marin County. Food facilities inspected include: permanent food facilities such as restaurants and grocery stores; mobile food facilities such as food carts and food vending vehicles; and temporary food facility.

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