How to Mark Your Ballot

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections

Mark your ballot:

  • Use a dark color ballpoint pen. No red ink. No felt-tip.
  • Blacken oval like this. 
  • Do not sign or initial the ballot.

If you make a mistake on your ballot:

  • On the error, draw a straight line beginning at the oval through the candidate's name or YES/No. Fill in the oval you want. Make sure your intent is clear. Do not write your initials next to the error.

If you make a mistake or lose your ballot contact the Elections Office: 415-473-6456


  • Pick Yes, No, or leave blank.


  • Pick name(s) you want.
  • It's ok to skip a race or vote for fewer candidates.
  • Look at each race and how many votes. VOTE for ONE (1), VOTE for TWO (2), ...

Write-In Candidate:

  • A candidate must apply to be a qualify “write-in”. The Elections Office can give you a list.
  • Fill oval next to blank line, write name on line.

Make sure your vote counts!

  • Get ballot in on time (see How to vote by mail).
  • Sign and Date your return envelope.*
  • If you have a disability and can’t sign, ask a person watch you make X in Signature Box. Then ask that person to sign in Witness Box.

*No one can sign for you (no relative or power of attorney).