How to Mark Your Ballot

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections

Mark your ballot:

  • Use a dark color ballpoint pen. No red ink. No pencil.
  • Blacken oval like this. 
  • Do not sign or initial the ballot.

If you make a mistake on your ballot:

Official Marin County ballot drop boxAn example of how to fix a voting mistake.
Click on the image to enlarge it.

Draw a straight line completely through the incorrect vote and the oval. Then fill in the oval for the correct vote and write "correct" next to the correct vote.

Do not sign or initial next to the error.


  • Pick Yes, No, or leave blank.
  • It's ok to skip a race.


  • Pick name(s) you want.
  • It's ok to skip a race or vote for fewer candidates.
  • Look at each race and how many votes. VOTE for ONE (1), VOTE for TWO (2), ...

Write-In Candidate:

  • A candidate must apply to be a qualify “write-in”. The Elections Office can give you a list:
    • Email:
    • Call: 1-415-473-6456
  • Fill oval next to blank line, write name on line.

Make sure your vote counts!

  • Get ballot in on time (see How to vote by mail).
  • Sign and Date your return envelope.*
  • If you have a disability and cannot sign, ask a person watch you make an X in Signature Box. Then ask that person to write somewhere on the return envelope Witnessed By then print and sign their name.

*No one can sign for you (no relative or power of attorney).