Information about the Voter's Choice Act

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections


The Voter’s Choice Act Comes to Marin County

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  • What is the voter’s choice act?

    The Voter’s Choice Act is a law that allows counties to offer voters more choices for how, when, and where they vote. What changed? Now, all active registered voters are automatically mailed a ballot, early voting is expanded for more days, and voters may vote in-person at a regional vote center.

  • How does it work?

    ALL active registered voters are automatically mailed a ballot and have THREE ways to return it:

    • Image of a mail box BY MAIL No stamp needed!
    • Image of a a safe AT A SECURE BALLOT DROP BOX No stamp needed!
    • Image of a building AT A VOTE CENTER
  • What is a vote center?

    Voters may vote in-person at ANY vote center in Marin County. Assigned, neighborhood polling places are replaced by regional vote centers that open at least 3 days before Election Day with MORE services:

    • Image of a piece of papre with writing REGISTER TO VOTE & VOTE THE SAME DAY
    • Image of a piece of paper inserted in an envelope REPLACE A LOST OR DAMAGED BALLOT
    • Image of a clock EARLY VOTING Vote before Election Day!
    • Image of two peolpe sitting at a table REQUEST HELP
  • How do I vote by mail?

    It’s easy! Voting by mail saves time, is safe, and is free! And, there are many ways to return a vote by mail ballot:

    1. VOTE your ballot; insert and seal it inside the mailing envelope that came with your ballot.
    2. SIGN the outside of the envelope; the ballot cannot be counted without your signature!
    3. RETURN your voted ballot by mail (to postmark on or before Election Day), OR take it to any Vote Center or Official Ballot Drop Box.
  • For more information

    Call (415) 473-6456, toll-free (833) 644-2061, or 711 (CA Relay Service)