Statement of Economic Interests Form 700

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections

Online Filing

Public Access - forms PROVIDED BY state and local public officials and employees

The Public Access Portal contains Statement of Economic Interests disclosure reports provided by many state and local public officials and employees. It can answer questions about certain personal financial holdings.

If you require forms for an election prior to those available on our website, please contact the Elections Department at (415) 473-6437.

Use the Public Access Portal to research assets and income of public officials which may be materially affected by their official actions.

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Filer Access - where state and local public officials and employees file

The Filer Access Portal is a web-based data entry filing system that allows individuals to submit Statement of Economic Interests disclosure reports mandated by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) to the Electronic Filing System free of charge.

Use the Filer Access Portal to create SEI statements for e-filing. Before you begin you must have received your Electronic Filing System filer identification number and password. To get a filer identification number and password, call the Elections Department at (415) 473-6437.

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Manual Filing

Form 700 — Statement of Economic Interests — at the California Fair Political Practices Commission website.

Fines and Enforcement Policy

Personal Financial Disclosure Statements

The Political Reform Act of 1974 requires government officials and employees to disclose certain personal financial holdings, gifts and payments. This is to assure the public that government officials at any level will not make, participate in making or in any way attempt to use his or her position to influence a governmental decision in which he or she has a financial interest.

The Political Reform Act provides that all Statement of Economic Interests filed late may be subject to fines. The following adopted policy is pursuant to Section 91013 of the Political Reform Act:

If any person files an original Statement of Economic Interests after the deadline imposed by the Political Reform Act, he or she shall, in addition to any other penalties or remedies, be liable in the amount of ten dollars ($10) per day after the deadline up to the maximum of one hundred dollars ($100). The filing officer need not enforce liability of fines if on an impartial basis he or she determines the late filing was not willful and the statement or report is filed before the waiver of liability period ends. No liability shall be waived if a statement is not filed within 30 days after a specific written notice is mailed to the filer.

Failure to pay any fines associated with the late filing of statement(s) will result in civil action. The filing officer may obtain a judgment in small claims, municipal, or superior court, depending on the jurisdictional amount.

Failure to file the required statement(s) will result in referrals to the Enforcement Division of the Fair Political Practices Commission.

The Elections Department office will not investigate statement inaccuracies or falsehoods. The parties pursuant to Section 91001 of the Political Reform Act, and any persons residing within the jurisdiction, may pursue civil actions or injunctions, depending on the nature of the violation.


  1. Candidates are required to file a Statement of Economic Interests Form 700 with our office when filing their candidacy papers. Failure to do so will result in referrals to the Fair Political Practices Commission.
  2. Designated officials of the County, and districts within the County, are required to file the Form 700 every year, and are also required when necessary to file Assuming and Leaving Office Statements. Our office is required to send annual notifications to the representatives of the districts and departments for distribution to the officials.
  3. All statements are due no later than the published due date. Our office will send to the non-filer a late notification. If the statement is still not filed, a second notification will be sent stating specific written notice of the filing requirement. Failure to file after the date stated in the second notice will result in fines from our office and referrals to the Fair Political Practices Commission.