Inactive Voters Information

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections

Inactive Voters

Voters on the inactive list are still registered in Marin County. On Election Day, they can vote a provisional ballot at the polls, or go to the Election's Office to vote.

However the voter will not receive election mail (ballot, voter information guide, and sample ballot) or have their name in the roster at their polling place.

Voters become inactive if:

  • The voter does not vote in two consecutive General Elections (which take place in even numbered years).
  • We receive notification from a third-party (such as the DMV or USPS) that the voter has moved out of the county.
  • Election material, mailed to the voter, is returned as undeliverable. Election mail is not forwarded.

Before we move a voter to the inactive list, the voter is sent a notice that their name will be placed in the inactive voter file unless they reply to the notice.