Purchasing Voter Registration Information

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections

Voter registration information is not public data and state laws govern how and by whom voter registration information may be used.

WARNING: The authorized recipients of the voter registration information are responsible for the security of all voter registration information provided through this request.

Voter Data cannot be shared, viewed or stored outside the United States.

Voter File Codes and Regulations

Purchasing Voter Information from the Marin County Elections Department

Due to the demands of Election Day, we are no longer filling requests for data on Election Day. We will provide data up to the Monday before and resume the Wednesday after Election Day.

Please carefully read the following instructions to request the voter registration file or a specific voter’s registration information.

  1. Applicant must complete and return the following form: Mail the application to the Marin County Elections Department at 3501 Civic Center Drive room 121, San Rafael, CA 94903. Emailed and faxed applications are not accepted.
  2. The fee must be included with the application. See our  Price List for Marin County Election Materials. Cash or Check only, make checks payable to Marin County Registrar of Voters.
  3. The application must include a clear copy of the applicant’s current driver license or state identification card.
  4. Applicant must provide as much detailed information as possible for the specified use of the voter registration records.
    • Election: information identifying the candidate(s) or ballot measure(s) and documentation establishing affiliation with the organization
      • Candidate: information identifying federal, state, or local office
      • Committee for/against any initiative or referendum measure: information identifying the initiative or referendum for which legal publication is made
    • Political: documentation establishing affiliation with the political organization
    • Scholarly: letter from a representative of the institution (professor, administrator, etc.) on the institution’s letterhead stating that the applicant is authorized to receive the data
    • Journalistic: a clear photocopy of press pass
    • Governmental: Any request from a governmental agency or for a use related to a governmental function
  5. The application must include an original signature.

Specific voter record request

Applicant must provide sufficient details of why a specific voter’s information is needed and how it will be used in conformance with California Code of Regulations sections 19001-19009. Applicant must also attach as much detail as possible about the voter whose record they are trying to obtain (first name, last name, date of birth, residence address, etc.) in the designated area of the application. The Marin County Elections Department will reach out to the applicant if there are not sufficient details to locate a single voter record. Applicant can request up to 10 specific voter records per application.

Processing time

Requests will be processed in the order received. Once received, requests can take up to 10 business days to review and process. The Marin County Elections Department will determine whether the application is complete and whether state law permits the proposed use of the voter registration information.

If the application is denied, the Marin County Elections Department will send a letter to the applicant explaining why the request was denied and return all application materials.

Data format

If the application is approved, County or District Voter requests are distributed by download from a secure file sharing site. The data is provided as tab-delimited text files. Please Note the files contain only active voters at the time the data was extracted.

Specific voter record requests will be provided as a redacted paper copy or PDF.

End use

Once the requested information is received, the Marin County Elections Department is not responsible for end-user technical support for processing data (text) files that are purchased and does not provide training or assistance on converting the data for usage. Once the voter registration information has been sent to the applicant, no refunds will be issued.

Authorized/Prohibited use

State law strictly governs how voter record data may be used. Use of the data is only authorized for the purpose approved on the application.


  • Using the data for an unapproved purpose;
  • Sharing or transferring the data to any other party without the submission of a new application and the express written approval of the Marin County Elections Department;
  • Using the data to harass any voter or voter’s household;
  • Using the data for any commercial, advertising, or marketing purposes; or
  • Leaving the voter data unsecured and publicly available online or offline.

A violation of and of the above constitutes a misdemeanor, subject to significant fines. (Elections Code section 18109)


Questions can be directed to:
Tony Aquilino, Technology Systems Specialist III
Phone: (415) 473-7460

See our contact page for office hours and additional contact information.