Guide to Filling Out the Voter Registration Form

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections

If the answer to either of the following questions is NO, do not fill out the form:

  • Are you a U.S. citizen?
  • Will you be at least 18 years old by Election Day?


  • You must provide your birth date and birth place to be registered to vote.
  • Fill out the form, print it and sign it.
  • Registration form must be post marked or delivered in person to the elections office by 15 days before an election to be valid for that election:

Marin County Elections Office
Marin Civic Center, Room 121
PO Box E
San Rafael, CA 94913

Follow the numbers on the Voter Registration Form (rev. 2011):

  1. Print full first name.
  2. Print middle name.
  3. Print last name.
  4. Print home address, i.e. the address where you live. Include street number, street name and apartment number. Do not use a mail drop or business address.
    The address where you live is used to determine the precinct where your polling place will be on Election Day.
  5. Print city, state, zip and county.
  6. Voters without a street address describe where you live — cross streets, route, directions.
    This location is used to determine the precinct where your polling place will be on Election Day.
  7. Print mailing address or PO Box if it is different from the address where you live.
    The election office mails information to your mailing address before the election. Voters must notify the county elections office if the mailing address changes or they will not receive election mail. Election mail cannot be forwarded.
  8. Print city, state and zip code for your mailing address.
  9. Print date of birth (required).
  10. Print place of birth (required).
  11. Print your California driver's license number or your California Identification Card number. If you do not have either a driver's license or CA ID card, then print the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
    If you do not provide this information, you may be required to show ID at the polls.
  12. Print your email address (optional, but we can contact you if we have questions about your registration).
  13. Print telephone number (optional, but gives us a way to contact you).
  14. Check the box for either "no party preference" or for your political party preference.
    If you do not check any of the boxes you will be registered as "no party preference." Another name for this is "non-partisan" or "independent."
  15. Initial here if you want a vote by mail ballot in all elections.
    By initialing this box you will receive your ballot in the mail for every election without reapplying before every election.
  16. If you were registered before, under a different name and/or at a different address complete #16.
  17. Check either the "yes" or "no" box to answer these questions.
    If you check "no" for either of these questions, you CANNOT register to vote.
  18. Read the Oath and sign your name. The form cannot be processed without your signature.
    Your signature will be used to compare your signature on petitions and vote by mail ballots.

Fill out any optional box with the optional information.

NOTE: If someone has helped you fill out this form, he/she must fill out the green portion of the form.

Voter registration instructions. Rev. 5/11/2011