March 3, 2020 - No Party Preference Voters Ballot Options

Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters, Elections

Are you registered as No Party Preference?

For the presidential primary election, the following parties are allowing NPP voters to “crossover” and vote on their primary ballot:

  • American Independent Party
  • Democratic Party
  • Libertarian Party

You may disregard this notice if you already notified the Elections Department about your crossover choice.

Please Read the following:

  1. If you vote by mail and want to crossover, please reply to
    right away with your choice or call 415-473-6456.
  2. If you vote at a polling place and want to crossover, you may let your poll worker know on Election Day which ballot you want to select (American Independent Party, Democratic Party, Libertarian Party).
  3. If you want to vote on a Green Party, Peace and Freedom Party, or Republican Party ballot, you must re-register and select one of those parties as you party affiliation.
  4. The deadline to register is February 18, 2020.
  5. If you don’t take the action described above, you will receive a non-partisan ballot without presidential primary candidates.

Questions? Call 415-473-6456